Hyperledger Iroha

Project Health

After the production-ready release the community is very active, new projects start using Iroha as solution for their backend. People exchange information, help each other, although most of the advanced help is still on the maintainers. We also receive proposals for new features from the community members. 

New features: 

Configurable validators

Synchronization improvements

Passing updated peer list on initialization

Peer management options: added RemovePeer command and GetPeers query

TLS: client-to-peer and peer-to-peer

CompareAndSetAccountDetail command

Executor Integration Test Framework for testing business logic

We also work closely with HL interns and engaged interns from the Innopolis University (Innopolis, Russia). Great results are expected. 


There are no specific issues at the moment. There are questions such as diversity and consensus improvements architecture but we are addressing them already and see progress in that. 


Hyperledger Iroha v1.0 on May, 7th

Release 1.0.1 on June, 24th

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We receive questions through mailing lists from time to time and use them for sending out important information. Chat channels are much more active - mostly active members of the community are communicating their questions and try to help newcomers. There is a very positive experience of community members starting working on projects together. All the questions are being answered either by the community members or the maintainers. 

Currently, we are working on 1.1 version of Iroha that will include new features such as new queries and permissions as well as refactoring changes to create a stronger and more secure system. There has been a slight delay with this release but we are planning to have it as soon as small fixes are made that prevent it at the moment.

Current Plans

We have some major plans, currently: consensus improvements, support for Burrow (EVM) (already in process), support for WASM, improved permission model (in progress including the ideas from the community), support for Ursa (also in progress), complex object support, support for Explorer, improved reporting capabilities using the database, integration with Polkadot. We also hope to collaborate with the community more.

Maintainer Diversity

We have an addition in Iroha team: Eugene Kovalev (architecture specialist)

Contributor Diversity

New code contributors: 

Alexander Andryukov (

Yash Chaudhary (

Alexander Matson ( - HL intern working on Ursa integration

Ivan Tyulyandin ( - HL intern working on Burrow integration

Artyom Yurin ( - Innopolis University intern, working on configuration in the ledger

Ruslan Tushov ( - HL intern working on Explorer integration

Leonid Lygin ( - intern from Innopolis University working on TLS

Non-code contributors: 

John Siegrist

Will Njundong

Bobby Jackson

and other members of the community from our chats that are not here yet but share their Iroha use experience helping us as well as sharing their ideas. 

Additional Information

Work with interns is going very well so we hope to have integration with several HL projects very soon thanks to the interns' effort and hard work as well as helpful guidance from Igor Egorov and Andrei Lebedev 

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