Hyperledger Grid

Project Health

Health is good. Sponsors and contributors continue collaborative design work involving RFCs to define Product, Primitives and Catalog for Grid using industry standards for supply-chain. Work is being conducted in regular, agile sprints utilizing the community tools provided by Hyperledger. Monthly contributor calls continue along with community interactions via rocketchat discussions.


Prior issues

  • The contributors are currently working on defining cross-company sprint planning activities. As part of this, the team needs to decide whether to use JIRA or Github Issues. This discussion is on-going. Community input is welcome on #grid.
    • RESOLVED: It was agreed to use Hyperledger JIRA for issue collection, planning and conducting sprints with coordinated contributor involvement. 

New issues

  • There are no specific issues at the moment.


  • No prior releases.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Bi-weekly sprints and weekly design sessions are underway involving sponsors and contributors collaborating on Grid design.

Chat on Rockchat and pull request engagement continues to increase.

See community calendar for occurrences of our Grid Contributors Meeting.

The project is very active. Some highlights:

  • Provided Sabre support for Grid
  • Created design RFC for Grid Primitives
  • Created design RFC for defining Product using GS1 standards
  • Created draft design RFC for defining Catalog using GS1 standards
  • Outlined necessary Grid documentation for future development
  • Discussions continue on future direction and features within the community

Current Plans

Specific plans include:

  • Implement GS1 Product framework as defined by design RFCs
  • Implement GS1 Catalog framework as defined by design RFCs
  • Finish implementation of Grid Schema

Maintainer Diversity

The list of active maintainers for Hyperledger Grid continues to grow with three new maintainers added, and one retired.

The new maintainers are:

  • Eloa Franca Verona
  • Richard Berg
  • Shannyn Telander

In addition, two subteams were created to help ensure high quality within the Grid RFC review process:

The Core subteam shepherds technical RFCs through the RFC process, and makes technical governance decisions; technical topics include those related to the design and architecture of Grid. This team is responsible for ensuring long-term architectural consistency with the existing Grid code and overall project direction adopted by the Root subteam. 

The current membership is as follows:

  • Adeeb Ahmed
  • Andi Gunderson
  • Darian Plumb
  • James Mitchell
  • Jason Walker
  • Peter Schwarz
  • Shawn Amundson

The GS1 subteam is responsible for discussion, review, and decision making on topics related to GS1 standards support, including RFCs. 

The current membership is as follows:

  • Adeeb Ahmed
  • Dave Cecchi
  • Gena Morgan
  • James Mitchell
  • Matt Perron
  • Melanie Nuce

We anticipate adding additional maintainers, as contributions increase in areas currently in development.

Contributor Diversity

Sponsoring organizations that are actively contributing to Grid include Cargill, Target, GS1,  Intel, and Bitwise IO. In total, there are 18 active contributors to Grid across five active organizations

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