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Project Health

Project health is green. We released Tags v0.3.8 in support of Fabric 1.3 and 0.3.9 in support of Fabric 1.4. We use all of the following to help keep project health green: JIRA, RocketChat, email, Gerrit, Jenkins, Github, Zoom and Skype. Questions asked via rocketchat are being answered in a timely manner. For greater efficiency in this regard the FAQs page is updated with every release. Good mix of background of contributors from front-end to back-end however more community involvement is strongly encouraged and welcomed!


Maintaining contributor diversity.


v0.3.8: Release 0.3.8 of Hyperledger Explorer was put out on December 13, 2018 in support of fabric 1.3

v0.3.9: release 0.3.9 of Hyperledger Explorer was put out on February 6, 2019 in support of Fabric 1.4

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

In this quarter Jan-Mar 2019, aim was to release Explorer in support of fabric 1.4 while continuing to make it more stable and complete. Automated deployment of HL Explorer is available here

Current Plans

Bug Fixes. Ongoing enhancement in support of fabric 1.4's latest features.

Maintainer Diversity

No new maintainer were added.

Contributor Diversity

Current contributors are from DTCC and Fujitsu, There is some interest shown by members wishing to join the effort but no active contributions yet.

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  1. how many contributors do you have?

    1. We have currently 4 from DTCC, 1 from Fujitsu