Hyperledger Caliper

Project Health

After several times public introduction of Caliper, the amount of users got an increase. There were increasing consulting questions in rocket chat and issues. Most of the questions were well answered. Some of the users gave good suggestions about improving documentations and caliper's installation.  Some of the users became contributors and tried to contribute some performance metrics. Besides that, Caliper also tried to attract more contributors by internship program.  


There are no issues at this time.


Caliper plans to release alpha version before Q3.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

During the past Quarter, 60 issues have been closed, 37 PRs have been reviewed and merged. Now the project has 260+ stars and 160+ forks.Thanks every contributor's efforts. Below are some main updates in the past 3 months:

  • Added support for Fabric 1.3/1.4;
  • Refactored Fabric adapter by providing connection profile-based adapters;
  • Provided file mode to support long time test;
  • Fixed bugs for CI test, sawtooth building;
  • Enhanced abilities, such as configurable logging mechanism, refactored rate controller  and fabric network creating detection.
  • Improved documentation, e.g. documentation translation, usage of new fabric adapter and tutorials. 

Current Plans

As many users told us they had difficulty in installation and doing stressful tests,  we are going to focus on improving the documentations, installation,  the clients' performance under stressful tests, and  adding new adapters.

The development plan will be discussed and refreshed regularly.

Maintainer Diversity

Now the maintainers are from Huawei and Budapest University.

Contributor Diversity

There are 10 contributors from various companies/organisations such as Huawei, IBM, Intel, Soramitsu, Budapest University, Monax and the university of Oregon. And we are connecting with several companies now to try to attract more contributors.

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