Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting


September 13, 2018 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via Zoom

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Baohua Yang


Binh Nguyen


Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton


Hart Montgomery


Kelly Olson


Mark Wagner


Mic Bowman


Nathan George


Silas Davis


Event Reminders

Hyperledger Community Health WG discussion

  • Tracy talked through revised proposed Charter

  • Discussion ensued leading to the outcome to create a Lab (with Vipin as the sponsor); also, withdraw as WG, but create a task force that tackles specific items that come out of TSC

Quarterly project update

  • Pardha provided the Hyperledger Explorer update

    • Is there interest from Explorer for tackling new problems outside context of Explorer like interoperability?

      • Yes, started looking into Fabric for SDK and chaincode… trying to get back to contributing there.

      • Interop is a hard problem -- trying to define our interest.

    • There might be things that underlie all platforms; maybe some common libraries.  Or, top down… where Explorer is an example of a tool that can call into any of the stacks.  Or third, something that is more integration (like Quilt), but not specifically for financial transactions

    • Working on interop paper from Arch WG and working on a bunch of primitives that would enhance interop (please have Explorer community listen in and contribute)

    • Last time it was suggested for Explorer to provide official Docker image -- how is it going?

      • Available, but may not be posted officially.  But, it is complete. Will double-check.

  • Next week:  Hyperledger Quilt update

Quarterly WG updates

  • Vipin provided the Identity WG update

    • Suggestion to do something at Hackfest in Montreal.

    • What do you foresee that the Community will get out of the paper?

      • Something like a complete survey of the different identity activities, specifically targeted at problems and DLTs in general; and also a window into how we are solving those problems.

    • Next week:  PSWG update

Project and WG updates - format discussion

  • Make sure that we get out of these updates what we originally intended.  Can we get deeper discussion on these topics if we:

    • Look back at previous reports -- are issues being addressed, are new issues being raised

    • Are we pre-reading status reports?  If we get these on Monday, then we can review and arrive with informed questions.

  • For Quilt and PSWG -- get updates in Monday to give everyone a chance to review them before Thursday.

  • Comment that ASF has a monthly call where they review 30 at a time… they check their agenda into version control (like wiki) and before the meeting the Board members review those reports (and put +1) and then get on phone call to talk, they only talk through exceptional issues or key questions.

Bug Bounty discussion

  • To be discussed next week.

[pending] Copyright discussion -- with Hyperledger Legal Committee

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