Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

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May 10, 2018 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via Zoom

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Baohua Yang


Binh Nguyen

Christopher Ferris

Dan Middleton


Greg Haskins

Hart Montgomery


Jonathan Levi


Kelly Olson

Mic Bowman

Nathan George



Hackfest Planning

  • June 27-29 | Amsterdam (registration | draft agenda)
  • October 3-4 | Montreal (registration coming soon)
  • Request each maintainer add a topic that requires hacking or discussion to the agenda, including a goal of what the desired outcome is during the hackfest
  • Add note about Hackfests being un-conference style
  • Is there a way to say in advance what they are interested in? Add a column to show interest.

Copyright/License Policy

  • The copyright line does not assign the copyright to Hyperledger. Original contributors maintain the copyright. Hyperledger Charter Section 13.A discusses how this works
  • Apache License template has the first line being a copyright line - this is used for attribution. We like to have a copyright notice in the file so that if the file is taken out of the repo to be re-used, it remains with the file, unlike a NOTICE file. Recommend attribution line at the top of the file.
  • Recommend that we take this through the legal committee
  • For legal committee: Is there a best practice for referencing a LICENSES file in lieu of the copyright notification at the top of a source file?
  • Hyperledger is not a legal entity. The legal entity is The Linux Foundation.

Quarterly project updates

  • Richard Esplin provided the Indy update. No issues that need the TSC help.

Quarterly WG updates

  • Baohua Yang presented the Technical WG China update. A number of issues were presented that need some help from the TSC and different projects.
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