Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting


April 5, 2018 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Baohua Yang


Binh Nguyen


Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton


Greg Haskins

Hart Montgomery


Jonathan Levi

Kelly Olson


Mic Bowman


Nathan George



FYI -- will be migrating mailman lists to groups.io for improved functionality

  • Tentatively planned to occur during week of April 16th
    • Suggestion to rename STL list to Sawtooth
    • Suggestion to remove Hyperledger prefix

Hackfest Planning

  • Hackfest | June 27-29 | Amsterdam (registration | draft agenda)
  • Agreement to move forward with a Hackfest on October 3-4 in Montreal (right after Hyperledger Member Summit, October 1-2).

Turn Hyperledger Fabric bug bounty public?

  • Dave Huseby gave an overview of the private bug bounty being run through HackerOne for Hyperledger Fabric, and noted that it has been getting limited reach inside HackerOne -- looking to make the bug bounty public.
    • VOTE:  Unanimous.

Template to standardize and launch WGs proposal

  • Agreement for TSC to appoint WG Chair as part of proposal review
  • Suggestion to add some verbiage in “work products” section to ensure forward momentum
  • Suggestion to change the 24 hour rule for cancelling meetings to a stated intent, not a firm requirement
  • ACTION:  Tracy/Brian to update draft and bring back for vote in TSC next week

Hyperledger Composer request to go 1.0

  • Don Thibeau provided an overview of the request for Hyperledger Composer go to 1.0, and noted an additional desire to move from incubation to active status.
  • Discussion
    • Remaining license issues that need to be resolved prior to Hyperledger Composer going 1.0, which will need to be worked through the Legal Committee and Governing Board -- further discussion to happen first via email.
    • Hyperledger Composer has not yet received Nettitude security scan -- likely to begin early May.
    • Need better understand from Maintainers around what “feature complete” means in relationship to the flexibility/inflexibility of the architecture beyond that point -- and, 1.0 now vs. after reaching active status or some other level of feature completeness.

Quarterly project updates

  • Chris Ferris provided the Hyperledger Fabric update
  • Next week:  Hyperledger Sawtooth update

Quarterly WG updates

  • Next week:  Performance and Scale WG update
  • April 19th:  Whitepaper WG update
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