Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting


March 1, 2018 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Baohua Yang


Binh Nguyen


Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton


Greg Haskins


Hart Montgomery


Jonathan Levi


Kelly Olson


Mic Bowman


Nathan George



2018 Hackfest Planning

  • LA Hackfest retrospective
    • “Day 0” went well, good attendance -- but, only 6 of 9 projects had representation.  Also, need more than just 1 day to get folks up the learning curve.
    • Last day of Hackfest was lightly attended and lower energy.
    • Good cross-project discussions, major progress by having facetime with WGs, but could use more overall structure in advance of the Hackfest.
    • Seems to be two orthogonal efforts -- roadshow to get regional folks up the learning curve vs. cross-project collaboration and hacking; could make sense to run these entirely independent of each other.
      • Suggestion to have quarterly Hackfests rotating between centers of gravity -- Asia (Shanghai, HKG, etc.), US West Coast (SF), US East Coast (NY), EU (London/Amsterdam/Berlin) -- one day focuses on cross-project collaboration and WGs, one day focuses on project-specific hacking
      • Separately, create a roadshow for newbies.
  • Dubai Hackfest -- many from the technical community expressed an inability to travel for this proposed Hackfest, likely will not move forward.
  • June 27-29 | Amsterdam (registration | draft agenda)

Proposed Mentors for Internship Program (review and approval)

  • Python Library for Hypereldger-Iroha (Ankit Raj)
  • Design effective operational platform for blockchain management (Baohua Yang)
  • Algorithmic Dispute Resolution in Construction (Jeremy Barnett)
  • Hyperledger fabric SDK-py (Kai Chen)
  • Hyperledger Fabric Chrome Extension (Sheehan Anderson, Binh Nguyen)
  • Running Solidity Smart Contracts on Hyperledger Fabric or vice versa (Salman Baset)
  • Hyperledger Fabric EVM Integration (Swetha Repakula, Jay Guo)
  • Hyperledger Identity WG Onboarding and Auth (Vyachslava Gudkov, Kyle Den Hartog)
  • Utilize blockchain technology (Fabric) on tracing food supply chain (Leon Liang)
  • Web Editor/Viewer for Hyperledger Composer Models OR Web Form Generation for Hyperledger Composer Models (Dan Selman)
  • UTXO Transactions in Iroha OR Onion Routing for Iroha (Makoto Takemiya)
  • Simulating Hyperledger Networks with Shadow OR Fuzzing Hyplerledger Software (Dave Huseby)
    • No objections to moving forward with this set of Mentors

Authorization to publish the Hyperledger Sawtooth security audit report

  • A request was made that the audit report is presented in the context of being prior to 1.0; Dave Huseby noted that he will make notes in the wiki, as well as a blog post providing further context.
  • VOTE:  unanimously approved.

Quarterly WG updates

  • Ram Jagadeesan provided an Architecture WG update
    • What is the mix of participants?
      • Architects from different projects, but would be ideal to get folks doing active design in projects to be more involved.
    • A suggestion was made to consider moving the call time earlier to help accommodate for Asia folks (especially the Hyperledger Iroha community)
  • March 15th:  Requirements WG update (Clive)

Quarterly project updates

  • Sean Bohan provided Hyperledger Indy update
  • Next week:  Hyperledger Burrow update

1.0 before leaving incubation?

  • Is this a desire or a firm requirement?  What are the implications?
  • Please continue discussion via email thread

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