Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

Hyperledger Project - Technical Steering Committee (TSC) 11.02.17.mp4

November 2, 2017 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors

Baohua Yang


Binh Nguyen


Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton

Greg Haskins

Hart Montgomery


Jonathan Levi


Kelly Olson


Mic Bowman


Nathan George



Reminder:  November 9th meeting is cancelled

EU Hackfest Planning (Todd Benzies)

Project Reporting

  • Kelly Olson provided an overview of the Hyperledger Sawtooth report
    • Is possible to change consensus after you declare consensus in genesis block?
      • Yes..
    • Any work planned for privacy?
      • Yes, this is ongoing R&D area for the project on three separate exploration paths.
    • Diversity of contributions/contributors?
      • Intel/Bitwise are majority of contributors.  But, interaction with a number of startups that are starting to build on top of Sawtooth.
    • ZK proofs outside of SGX?
      • Two parallel paths -- also looking at trusted execution environments.
    • Are you generating signatures from validators for commits?  ...or API for notifications?
      • Predominantly a way to export state data and transaction data in a streaming manner to clients and applications.  No signatures on that piece. New feature is batch injector where each validator inserts a batch right before block is published and includes some signatures there.
  • Nikolai Iushkevich provided an over of the Hyperledger Iroha report
    • Has Iroha decided whether to include a smart contract platform for 1.0 release or implement API that other projects are going to do, to borrow existing smart contract stuff?
      • Have not yet decided.
    • Suggestion to find ways for the broader Hyperledger community to get word out about attracting additional developers.
      • Note that Iroha is very strong in mobile -- good hook to get more folks involved.
    • Looking to move to gRPC as well?  Or, other interop plans with Fabric?
      • Our interop plan is to reuse our shared objects library.  As for Fabric, have not yet discussed.
  • Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Indy to provide reports in November 16th meeting.

Hyperledger Training and Education WG (Tracy Kuhrt)

  • Proposal
  • Added verbiage:  The maintainers will reach out to developers on other Hyperledger projects as training materials relevant to their project approach a state comparable to a “release”, so as to increase the amount of final review and scrutiny by those not involved on a regular basis.  However, developers on other projects are encouraged to view it as in their interests to be regularly involved in the activities of this working group, as early input can make a significant difference, and great training materials will lead to new contributors on their own projects.
  • Need to create an initial list of Maintainers and then bring this back to the TSC on November 16th for approval.
    • No other comments or objections to bringing this to vote on the 16th.

HIP:  Cicero (Dan Selman)

  • Dan walked through the updates made to the proposal
    • Adding clarifying text to the proposal where necessary
    • Adding links to the existing Apache-2 licensed code repositories
    • Adding a link to the draft Accord Protocol Template Specification
    • Adding links to related efforts and companies working on smart contracts. We are in the process of reaching out to build an inclusive set of contributors to support Cicero.
    • Added information on the potential for linkage with Hyperledger Indy based on a discussion with some of their team yesterday
  • Discussion
    • Do you envision a runtime environment embedded into DLT so that this execution environment would be part of DLT and be protected by DLT construct?
      • Yes, architected so that it can be run in many form factors -- IoT, SaaS cloud service, etc.
    • What is status of Accord, Cicero, and others?  Is this a wrapper for experimental code or is it a transition of code that is a prototype that needs to be hardened?
      • Accord Project is moving along in terms of forming partnerships and adding memberships.
      • Most of the legal requirements will come to Cicero through Accord project from lawyers looking at  supply chain contracts -- what are semantics of execution, right data model, etc. and capturing that in an artifact that is executable.  Provide SDKs and implementations of specifications.
    • Is this orchestration or validation?
      • Code that is open source now is a very early draft of Accord spec.  Can create a smart clause from legal text, parameterize, and then execute against it.
    • Will you try to make execution have same APIs as other smart contract engines?
      • Open to that -- but not familiar yet.

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