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Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

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May 18, 2017 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors

Binh Nguyen

Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton


Greg Haskins


Hart Montgomery


Mic Bowman


Murali Krishna Katipalli


Richard Brown


Sheehan Anderson


Tamas Blummer


Beijing Hackfest

  • June 19-20, register now / agenda (draft)
  • 30 registered as of today, highly encourage the global technical community to travel for this Hackfest

Iroha Graduation

  • Takemiya-san provided an overview of the graduation proposal for Iroha
  • Q:  Are there any metrics on what proportion of outside contributions are?  Or, any significant pieces developed by outsiders?
    • No good #s at that level, hard to quantify some of the contributions.  Some is just testing or getting ideas.
    • Of the more interesting pieces, Iroha-Scala was contributed by someone completely outside of Iroha.
  • Q:  What is the plan for handling branching in code repo as you move towards 1.0?  Release branch that just manages releases and critical security bugs?
    • Branching policy is that anything in master should be shippable.  Before that is the developer branch (mostly usable). For actual releases (1.0) handle in separate branches as much as possible.  The current release is in master, if we do a new release, then the master gets updated as well. Once release is stable, will release in github using releases tag.
  • Q:  Can you comment about enforcing DCO?
    • Integration with CLA hub.  If you create a pull request, it shows the different checks (namely the CLA check).  If not the case, you’ll get a red X at the pull request.
  • VOTE:  Unanimously approved.

Sawtooth Graduation

  • Dan provided an overview of the graduation proposal for Sawtooth
  • Q:  DCO check?  What tool do you verify with?
    • WIthin jenkins, when someone submits a pull request, we run the test suite against that (one of those checks is looking for sign-off on the commit message).
  • VOTE:  Unanimously approved.

CII Badge and Security Bug Handling Process

  • Security Bug Handling Process Draft
  • Dave discussed thoughts around requiring CII Badge to graduate to Active status
  • Q:  Talked about retroactively looking at Active projects for CII badging -- need to look at Fabric, Sawtooth, and Iroha.
    • Fabric is at 100%.  Iroha is at 97% (need dynamic fuzzing tool still).  Sawtooth is at 85%, should be near 100% very shortly.
  • Q:  If every project needs to set up the same tools, is there is a core infra team that could go do that?
    • Teams can lean on Hyperledger staff for help and guidance (Dave & Tracy)
  • Suggesting 95% or better for graduation; 1.0 would need to require it at 100%.
  • ACTION:  Dave to put proposal out by email for vote (no longer at quorum during the end of TSC meeting).
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