Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

Hyperledger Project - Technical Steering Committee (TSC) 02.16.17.mp4

February 16, 2017 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors

Binh Nguyen

Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton

Greg Haskins


Hart Montgomery


Mic Bowman


Murali Krishna Katipalli


Richard Brown


Sheehan Anderson

Tamas Blummer


Action Item Review

  • WG Charters
    • Requirements WG (Oleg)
      • Next meeting on 2/20 -- will work on Charter doc in that meeting to then bring back to TSC
    • Fabric-SDK WG (Pardha) draft Charter
      • Further discussion needed as to whether this is a standalone WG, part of Fabric, or something else.
  • slack-archive repo https://lists.hyperledger.org/pipermail/hyperledger-tsc/2017-February/000605.html
    • No quorum for a vote.
  • Project updates 
    • Fabric (Chris Ferris)
      • Fabric continues to press forward to wrapping up feature development for v1.0 release. The team is preparing a v1.0-preview initially, followed by an -alpha release by EOM.
      • We've been bolstering our test frameworks with integration testing that had been developed by IBM for its offerings. We have also been taking a close look at improving documentation to make it more user and application-developer focused.
      • We had some interesting discussions with the Sawtooth team on integrating PoET into Fabric at the bi-monthly hackfest, which we hope to begin pursuing in the near term and we also continued working with the Sorimitsu team in aligning apis, etc.
      • Hyperledger Fabric played a prominent role in the largest blockchain hackathon to date, held in Groningen, NL Feb 10-12. Fifty five teams competed in five tracks and two of the five winning teams based their solution on Hyperledger Fabric. The other winning teams used Ethereum or Factom. Roughly half of the 55 teams were also using Hyperledger Fabric. It really was an exciting event and bodes well for the upcoming hackathon in Shanghai in March.
    • Sawtooth Lake (Dan Middleton)
      • We presented our new design updates at the hackfest and other Hyperledger forums. Parallel execution and new language support resounded well with the community. In the next month we will begin work on new demonstration networks exhibiting some of the use cases prototyped using Sawtooth Lake.
    • Iroha (Makoto Takemiya)
      • API has been fixed and currently we are working on porting all the protobuf code to flatbuffers. There are several bugs/memory leaks with flatbuffers still, so we have been working with their project to fix these.
      • We have been working on getting flatbuffers working with grpc.
      • We are building a database for flatbuffers, iroha-ametsuchi. Anyone interested in working on it should take a look at the repository: https://github.com/hyperledger/iroha-ametsuchi
      • At the hackfest in San Francisco, we had an interesting discussion with IBM, where we outlined some ideas for creating inter-ledger transactions between Iroha and Fabric. If anyone in the community is interested in working on this together with us, please tell us on rocketchat/gitter/github issue (https://github.com/hyperledger/iroha/issues/159).
    • Blockchain Explorer (Pardha Vishnumolakala)
      • We completed the architecture review with the community and incorporated the feedback into the design document.  The design document was posted on “blockchain-explorer” channel. We will also be updloading this document to the hyperledger wiki site so that it is permanently available for anyone to review. We are continuing our work to make explorer compatible with Fabric 1.0 project.
    • Cello (Yang Baohua)
      • There are lots of discussions on rocketchat channel, mostly on documentations and deployment topics.
      • Several jira tasks are created as the feature roadmap, including refining documentation, supporting fabric 1.0, supporting other blockchain platform.
      • Implemented the new dashboard configurations and refine the front-end code.
      • Several deployment enhancement/patchsets to make Cello more stable.
  • FYI:  GSL Discussion - Tamas to present on February 23rd
  • Reminder:  Internship Program / Call for mentors and project suggestions https://goo.gl/forms/CdyvxaKmwv7PwFbl2 [deadline:  February 17th]
  • Hackathon / March 10th & 11th in Shanghai (however, no Hackfest)
  • Hackfest / end of March or early April on East Coast?

Actions + On-going

  • Hackfest planning (New York, April / Beijing, June)
  • Internship Program
  • GSL Discussion on 2/23

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