Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

Hyperledger Project - Technical Steering Committee (TSC) 01.26.17.mp4

January 26, 2017 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Binh Nguyen


Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton


Greg Haskins


Hart Montgomery


Mic Bowman


Murali Krishna Katipalli

Richard Brown

Sheehan Anderson


Tamas Blummer



  • Action Item Review

Action Item Review

  • Hackfest planning (San Francisco, Shanghai, New York)
  • Ry to work with LF IT to set up a test instance for Rocket.Chat -- should be live by Feb. 1
  • WG Charters
    • Identity WG (Vipin) draft
      • Discussion ensued as to whether the Identity WG should be focused on functional description vs. implementation of something that can be integrated.  
      • ACTION:  vote deferred, plan for concrete discussion at F2F Hackfest next week in San Francisco.
    • Requirements WG (Oleg) - needed
    • Fabric-SDK WG (Pardha) - needed
    • Protocol WG (Binh)
      • Binh:  Chatted with a number of members, no WG meeting since October of last year… intent of WG is to document a common set of protocols.  Want to take a break until more projects graduate and then revisit efforts.
      • CF:  ok -- no need to force this.
  • Whitepaper WG
    • Brian -- [suggested verbiage] Hyperledger projects are free to implement standards defined by external standards bodies, so long as there are no IP encumbrances involved in that implementation that go beyond the standard Hyperledger licenses (e.g. Apache).  It is also acceptable for developers working on Hyperledger code to represent themselves as Hyperledger developers when interacting with external standards bodies. Occasionally, ad-hoc interfaces may arise within Hyperledger that seem appropriate to elevate as a formal or cross-industry standard, in which case any developer may feel free to promote that standard to the relevant external standard body, ideally with (but not requiring) TSC endorsement. 
    • No objections to whitepaper skeleton -- approved to proceed.
  • Openness and transparency of projects
    • The more that we can collectively be fully inclusive and transparent, the better
    • Find ways for us to discover the value of having these conversation on email, which may be better due to language, timezones, etc.
  • Global Sync Log (GSL)
    • Murali:  We are in our initial talks with Digital Asset and once we have a concrete direction/proposal, we will put it forth on TSC list
  • Internship Program


  • Hackfest planning (San Francisco, Shanghai, New York)
  • Ry to work with LF IT to set up a test instance for Rocket.Chat
  • WG Charters
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