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Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group (TC-SIG) 2020 Q4 Update

  • IoT IAM subgroup completed the draft of the white paper “Hyperledger-based IoT Identity and Access Management solution” [1]
  • SIG arranged guest talks on below topics:
    • Decentralized 5G Marketplaces based on Hyperledger Fabric by Nima Afraz [2]
    • Using Hyperledger Fabric to fight spam calls in India by Rajesh Dhuddu [3]
  • New members joined in third and fourth quarter
  • Blog on “Hyperledger Fabric at the heart of a telecommunication carrier ecosystem” [4]
  • New IoT subgroup meeting slot has fixed on every alternative Thursday
  • Reading list is updated for different subgroups

[1] Decentralized Identity and Access Management for IoT Devices




Issues being faced by the group

  • Resources are required to develop POC on Hyperledger-based IoT Identity and Access Management solution

List of planned work products

  • Publish completed white paper on Hyperledger-based IoT Identity and Access Management solution in IoT Subgroup.
  • More White papers on Telecom use cases with Hyperledger.
  • Telecom SIG members will represent the TC-SIG in Hyperleger Global Forum.
  • Telecom Sig members will take part in Mobile World Congress.
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