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  • Nima Afraz, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher - CONNECT Center, Trinity College Dublin

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  • Decentralized 5G Marketplaces based on Hyperledger Fabric: The fifth generation of cellular networks or 5G promises revolutionary improvements compared to the previous generation that reaches beyond merely multiplying the bandwidth and reducing latency. 5G is expected to enable a wide range of new internet-based services such as vehicular communications and Smart City infrastructure that, in addition to connectivity, require on-demand fine-grained infrastructure and resource access to operate. Hence, the allocation of the underlying resources has to be capable of supporting and adapting to sudden changes in demand for resources and be able to flexibly provide customized bundles of resources to fit the demands of the vertical industries using the 5G infrastructure. Entering the 5G market, an operator may experience an up to a 65% increase in RAN deployment and infrastructure costs. In this talk, we discuss how Hyperledger Fabric could facilitate the implementation of a distributed marketplace for 5G network infrastructure sharing which does not rely on a central source of trust.

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