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Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group (TC-SIG) Q3 Update

In the third Quarter one new subgroup Blockchain Defined Networking is started in Telecom SIG. Nineteen new members joined in third quarter. TC-SIG finished reviews and editing on Inter-Carrier Settlement white paper and Telecom SIG members represented  the group in various events and Meetups like Open Source Summit North America 2019, Open Networking Summit Europe. We got one repository in Hyperledger labs. SLA GUI is completed.. Meetings are taking place every other week on Thursday. Till now we have seventeen Bi-Weekly calls and attendance at the meetings is approximately same.

Issues being faced by the group

  • ICS White paper publication
  • Hyperledger Labs Issues
  • Resources are required to test the POCs

List of planned work products

  • We are planning to start a new subgroup on IoT use cases with Hyperledger Blockchain.
  • More White papers on Telecom use cases with Hyperledger.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

 The Telecom SIG has calls every other week on Thursdays at 12:00 PM Eastern.

Active Discussion on mailing list

TC-SIG  reading list related to Telecom and Blockchain

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