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The Hyperledger speaker’s bureau serves as an opportunity for community members and members of Hyperledger to represent Hyperledger at events. Events can include conferences, meetups, and online virtual speaking opportunities. By leveraging the vast and global membership, Hyperledger has a great opportunity to educate and provide thoughtful leadership at a myriad of different events, whether they be industry focused (financial, IoT, government, etc.), technically focused or otherwise. While Brian Behlendorf will be representing Hyperledger at a number of events, the purpose of the bureau is to open up opportunities to represent Hyperledger to the wider membership.


At times, when appropriate based on the opportunity and the request, we will circulate the opportunity among members depending on the topic and the location. The Hyperledger communications team will do their best to be fair in spreading opportunities across the pool of member spokespeople. This bureau will also provide Hyperledger members the opportunity to submit Hyperledger-related panel abstracts for relevant events.

Spokespeople must be vendor neutral when speaking at events, though they may mention their company as part of an introduction, or meaningful participation in the community, but it shouldn’t feel like an advertisement for your company.


Your speaking opportunity will be shared on Hyperledger’s social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Please feel free to retweet or share. Don’t forget to share on your own social channels, as we want to get the word out! Please forward your spokesperson’s social information, so that we can also retweet and share on Hyperledger’s accounts.

How to be considered:

Please fill out the interest form. Someone from marketing will review and be in touch if you are accepted into the program. Please include a headshot and bio information as this will be needed to be added to the website. Once accepted, marketing will be in touch with any relevant opportunities for you and your organization. 

Please review the Code of Conduct and Inclusive Speaker Orientation Training.

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