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  1. When a new project comes into Hyperledger after being accepted by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), we’d like to kick off the process of giving it a name. A Hyperledger community architect will reach out to the sponsors of the project via email asking for initial thoughts on names. 
  2. Once a few days have passed and there’s a list of suggested names, the community architect will pull together a survey monkey that will collect votes. 
  3. The community architect and marketing chairs will narrow it down to the top 3-5 names
  4. The sponsors will be asked to give a final vote. 
  5. Once the name is chosen, the Linux Foundation’s creative services team will prep several iterations of a potential logo for the project
  6. A survey monkey will be created to collect votes, the top two design choices will then go to the marketing committee chairs to ensure they are in line with the overall Hyperledger brand. 
  7. The logo and name are chosen
  8. Creative services adds to the website in all the respective places

**(if there are not many sponsors on a project, surveys may not be necessary to come to consensus on a name and logo).

Additional naming Guidelines for New Hyperledger Projects can be found here.

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