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Hyperledger Labs lowers the pressure on the Technical Steering Committee to start new projects and allow for work to be done within a legal framework that eases transition to a project in Incubation in cases where this ends up being the chosen path for the Labs. Hyperledger Labs is not directly controlled by the TSC. Labs are proposed and run by the community. They can be created by a simple request (done by submitting a Pull Request) to the Labs Stewards.

We definitely encourage submitters to promote and market their lab. After all, the more people know about a lab, the greater chance it has at attracting contributors and possibly becoming an official Hyperledger project in the greenhouse. However, promotion and marketing must be done in a balanced manner where it is obvious that the lab is not yet an official Hyperledger Project. Below are guidelines to keep in mind while promoting or marketing Hyperledger Labs:

Marketing Services- Marketing Plan

Stand Alone Blog Announcement

Press Release (Hyperledger PR)

Social Media Support



3rd party Hyperledger sponsored events

Hyperledger Global Forum





N (member can put out their own with supporting quote from HL)

Retweet from Company

Hyperledger tweet

Y x  2

Y - placement

Y- booth and talk pitches

CFP open to all

Sponsor (member discounts)





N (member can put out their own with supporting quote from HL)

Retweet from Company

Hyperledger Tweet


Y - placement

Y- booth and talk pitches

CFP open to all


(member discounts)


N- self serve

Lab Quarterly
Wrap-up Blog


Only 'like' company tweet/posts

HL can tweet- with Lab mention not company the lab


Y - self serve


CFP open to all

Sponsor (with approval from staff/MC chairs)

Marketing Services-Marketing Plan

While it is not required to launch a formal marketing campaign on a lab, we recommend and encourage contributors formulate a plan to encourage coverage and, more importantly, participation and support for a new lab. The marketing plan should include content, events, and coordination of timeline in relation to the formal launch of the lab. Members may contact for support on this item. 

Content- blogs and press releases

While it is not appropriate for Hyperledger to issue a press release on a specific lab, members may ask Hyperledger for a contributing quote for any press release they may wish to release.

It is also recommend and encourage members to pen a blog about the lab that may be published on the Hyperledger blog. 

The member blog or nonmember summary submission should speak to three main things: 1. Why the lab was created 2. What problem it solves 3. What is it's future, how will it mature? A good example of a blog on a lab can be found here. Once the blog is published, submitters are encouraged to share it across their various social handles and tag @Hyperledger

Nonmembers may submit a 3-5 sentence summary of their new lab that will be featured in the quarterly labs wrap-up blog post, which also contains standard updates and messaging covering all labs.

Quarterly Lab Wrap-up blog post will include:

  • Announcements of any new labs
  • Pointers to active labs
  • Highlights from existing labs, especially if they have a change in status
  • Link to resources for those looking
    • to start a lab
    • to contribute to a lab
    • to get involved in the community

Key links for the post will include

When writing content about a lab please just keep in mind that the code is now part of the Hyperledger ecosystem and shouldn't be promoted as a product or offering from your company or organization. It should also be referred to as a lab and not a project. Please see the branding guidelines below for more guidance.

Social Media

Please promote your lab on social media, you can tag any of the official Hyperledger channels, and we will retweet or promote as well.

An example of a post could look like:

We're excited to announced XX was accepted as a @Hyperledger Lab! It'll help solve X, Y, Z. Learn more:





Members may request a :60 min Project or Lab How-To webinar or hands-on demonstration. (max two/year + unlimited offline recordings)Fill out the form here:

When and How?
The webinars will take place every first and third Wednesday at 3pm GMT/7am PST. We are using zoom with up to 500 attendees. Afterwards we will place the recording in our webinar library. 


Any lab contributor, regardless of membership status, may tap a Hyperledger meetup to present. Many are virtual. Here is list. 

General Hyperledger Brand Guidelines

As you write your blog, create your social media content, or plan your webinar, please do keep in mind our general Hyperledger brand guidelines.

Also, please do not

  • create webpages or websites on the lab.
  • create new logos for a lab
  • mix your own company logo with Hyperledger for promotion
  • refer to your lab as "Hyperledger <lab name>"

All labs should be listed as "<lab name>, a Hyperledger Lab"

Final Approval

Please send all blogs, or content mentioning Hyperledger or a Hyperledger lab to for final approval. It usually only take 24-48 hours for us to review.

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