Hyperledger Foundation blog overview:

The Hyperledger Foundation blog is a highly trafficked channel and serves as an opportunity for the community to broadcast to a wide audience beyond the core developers the latest news and views on the project. This may include summaries of important releases or technical decisions made, but it may also include stories about deployments, descriptions of potential uses, industry insight into how blockchains will change business, report-backs from HLP events, and HLP member personal viewpoints (clearly marked as different from official HLP policy). Other topics would certainly be considered, but it should be something of interest to the HLP community.


We are looking for posts that teach and give value to our community. Ideally, posts range from 700 to 1,000 words. Guest posts from members must be vendor neutral, though it may mention vendors involved in specific deployments, or their hosting of an in-person event, or other indications of meaningful participation in the community, but it shouldn’t feel like an advertisement of your services. Your post must be your content, not published elsewhere on the Internet. You are allowed to publish other places but AFTER 24 hours of it being published on hyperledger.org. You should also link back to hyperledger.org as the original source. We would like to avoid posts on topics that have been covered many times. The most interesting posts are those that teach or show how to do something in a way maybe others haven’t thought of. We don’t avoid critical commentary on broad issues, but approach them with sensitivity, professionalism and tact in a way that is beneficial and positive for the community. Be interesting and inspiring! Diagrams or photos are strongly encouraged.


Your blog will be shared on Hyperledger’s newsletters and social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. Please make sure to follow us and repost on your channels!

How to submit for consideration:

Please fill out the interest form. The post will be edited for grammar and any changes that have been made will be sent to the author for final approval. You will then receive a publish date, so that you can plan to promote accordingly through your personal and company’s channels. We run a Developer Showcase series that features developers working with Hyperledger tech. Submit a developer to be featured.

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