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The MESIG will regularly invite guest speakers to present to the group about work that is happening with blockchain/DLT in the media and entertainment industry.  If you are interested in presenting to this subgroup, please feel free to contact Brett Russell to discuss and arrange a time.

Upcoming presentations

  • Who: Matt Zarracina, co-founder and CEO, True Tickets
  • When:  Thursday August 11, 2022 - 12:00PM Eastern (9:00AM Pacific)
  • What: Blockchain-based digital ticketing platform by True Tickets. Matt Zarracina, co-founder and CEO, talks blockchain and event ticketing. 

Here is a brief description of the presentation by Matthew Zarracina:

Enabled by IBM Blockchain, True Tickets is creating the future of ticketing. More at


  • 12:00PM Eastern (9:00AM Pacific)
  • Add Media and Entertainment SIG calls to your calendar.

Dial-In Information:

You can join either from your computer or from your phone:

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 * All presentations are recorded.

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