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Guest Speaker: Tong Li, IBM

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Tong Li, IBM

About the Event: 

Hyperledger Fabric is the clear leader in permission based blockchain frameworks. It has become the de facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms. Its performance and data privacy capabilities are second to none in the very crowded blockchain fields. However, its powerful capabilities come with some challenges in its deployments, implementations and understanding, especially for those who are used to other blockchain systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

It does not have to be that way. With the right tooling, one can easily deploy Fabric networks, learn how Fabric works, understand the life cycles of Fabric artifacts and become an expert as a Fabric network administrator or chaincode developer. With these goals in mind, I created a tool named Minifabric that allows you to easily setup a Fabric network, expand your network, install and upgrade your own chaincode, invoke transactions, inspect your ledger, and change configurations of your channel. By going through these tasks using Minifabric, you can gain valuable skills and a complete understanding of Hyperledger Fabric.

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