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Session 1 Opportunity Seekers July 8th

Links: and to access our job board go to

All training - (free and paid)-

Attendee Location

From Mi Novac to Everyone:  06:31 PM

hello from downtown Arlington, VA !

From Angel Parrales to Everyone:  06:31 PM

Greetings from Ecuador

From Vladlen Vronsky to Everyone:  06:31 PM

Greeting from Boston, MA

From Chen Ye to Everyone:  06:31 PM

hello from Chicago

From Dr. Raj D. Sigamani PhD to Everyone:  06:32 PM

Howdy Y’All Raj from Hyperledger Dallas

From P to Everyone:  06:32 PM

Hi from Princeton, NJ

From Guillermo Diaz to Everyone:  06:32 PM

Hi from Mexico City

From durha to Everyone:  06:32 PM

hello from colorado

From melissa crosby to Everyone:  06:33 PM

Hi From Raleigh, North Carolina!

From Craig Pointer to Everyone:  06:33 PM

Philadelphia area here! Looking forward to this presentation

From Roland Galibert to Everyone:  06:33 PM

Hi everyone, I'm in Bradford, Vermont

From Daniela Barbosa to Everyone:  06:34 PM

Hello everyone, greetings from Pacifica, CA (SF Bay

From Rhonda Okamoto to Everyone:  06:34 PM

Hello Rhonda Okamoto from Diversity in Blockchain, Philly chapter and Princeton Blockchain & AI group.

From Robert Gutierrez to Everyone:  06:34 PM

Excited to be here and watch the presentation, cheers from Boston,

From David Andrews to Everyone:  06:35 PM

Hi everyone, great to be here from David Andrews in Plano, Texas

From Vipin Bharathan to Everyone:  06:36 PM

New York City in the house!

Attendee from

Bobbi Muscara is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: bc Employ Working Group
Time: Jul 6, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 889 0254 1454


  1. Presentation: Bobbi holds Master and will host slides
  2. Presentation Software Recording Slides : Email David (Bobbi) for confirmation on recording, live stream and ZOOM room
  3. Website   update with quick training links, (Bobbi), RSs feeds for web site (John)
  4. Check with Jim for website Employers Page
  5. Zoom room invite for Thursday 9:30 EDT , touch base with David at MEETUP call

Session one July 8, 2021
​Denver Meetup Host
Introduction to BCEmploy and Mission.  (John C)


D. Barbosa


10 Minute Primer on  What is Blockchain (Bobbi)
Discussion on What Jobs are Available ( Naresh Jain)
Closing Information on Next Session ( John or Jim) 


What are the Job in the Blockchain Market

What skills do I need

 What trainings are Available

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