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This is the format to submit our proposal for a Panel at HLGF 2021. Please add in this page your information and/or comments only at those lines marked in bold. We shall review them on Wednesday 10, transcribe to format, and submit on Thursday 11. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Questions: Alfonso 

1.What is role of LMDW in open source

2. What have we accomplished:

Resource Library 

Bobbi (question)

3. Where do we want to go from here

 John Carpenter peer review.. Training BC EMPLOY

4. How do we get there

   Global Interactive Electronic Brain
Jim Mason

Technical Needs  Confluence

  • Are you both the submitter and the primary speaker?

  • Submitter Information

  • Primary Speaker Information

  • What gender does the primary speaker identify with?

  • Does the primary speaker identify as a person of color?

  • Is this a panel discussion?


  • By selecting yes here, I confirm at least one of the participants on this proposed panel identifies as a gender other than a man

  • First Panelist
    • Alfonso Govela
    • Co-Founder Hyperledger Latinoamerica
    • Hyperledger Latinoamerica
    • MIT M.Arch.A.S., Co-Founder Hyperledger Latinoamerica, Co-Chair Learning Materials and Development Working Group, Hyperledger, Linux Foundation. Urban Innovation and Blockchain Consultant for Metropolis. Consultant for Digital Civics UN-Habitat. Member of Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica.
    • Twitter Handle
    • govela
  • Second Panelist
    • Jim Mason
    • Blockchain Practice Leader
    • Paramount & Sky Web Team

    • As Blockchain Practice Leader at Sky Web Team and Paramount Software, Jim leads agile digital transformations for organizations in many industries leveraging key technologies including Hyperledger software ( Fabric, Indy, Aries, etc). Jim’s experience includes roles as solution architect, product owner, IT Director, company president, consultant, professor, patent engineer at IBM, Fidelity, Citizens Bank, software companies and University of Delaware.

      Jim leads the Hyperledger Public Sector Group, the Boston Hyperledger Meetup, participates in Hyperledger interest groups, events, MOBI blockchain standards teams and is on the Expert Panel at EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum. Certifications included: Agile PM, Hyperledger, FINRA financial advisor, MA life and health insurance

    • Twitter Handle

  • Speaker Headshot

Alfonso Govela

Jim Mason

Bobbi Muscara

Ravi Vasagam

  • Name and email address for anyone who should be added to notification emails

Jim Mason

  • Which region (time block) do you prefer speaking in?


  • Which track are you submitting for?


  • Type of Submission


  • Abstract Title

Learning Materials and Development Working Group. The Map of Hyperledger

  • Abstract (900 char)

Learning Materials Development Working Group educates people interested in expanding their knowledge of Hyperledger. We report to the Technical Steering Committee. We consult with Hyperledger team members, project maintainers, and communities to identify training needs. Together, we develop strategies and resources to address those needs for both technical and non-technical audiences.

LMDWG has assembled a vast Resource Library of Projects and Tools, Use Cases, Key Terms, Learning Materials for Special Interest Groups and Working Groups, Templates, Meetups, Labs, Marketing, and News. A synopsis of current community announcements, requirements for Best Practice Badges, and GitHub resources. We proof-read edX Blockchain courses for Linux Foundation (Hyperledger). We have 50+ registered and recorded meeting agendas.

Come to our Wiki Page and get your Map to travel the Galaxy of Hyperledger.

  • Session Details (900 char)

There are three sections in our session:

  1. Introduction to the Map of Hyperledger, our Wiki Page, with details on its structure, categories, resources, bi-weekly updated links to the universe of opportunities our Hyperledger community offers.
  2.  Presentation of HL-StarterKit, by Ravi Vasagam, a Hyperledger Lab Project began at LMDWG as a simple tool to make Hyperledger Frameworks easy. It deploys now Hyperledger Fabric over Kubernetes, Docker-swarm, Standalone for easy Proof of Concepts. It is being extended to Explorer, Caliper, Besu and Sawtooth.
  3. Q&A

  • Learning Outcomes (900 char)

How do we know what is happening where and when?  How do we identify who generates what? Who is responsible for this community log? How can I participate?

Who scouts ahead? What governance decides strategies to follow? Do intelligent cats need herding? What support do they need?

LMD engages new followers, trains and certifies novices and experts, provides tools and supplies for the journey. We keep the travelogue. We host a place to talk, with enthusiasm, about learning.

Better understanding of education resources in the Hyperledger Community (projects, groups, meetups, members). Collaborative education resource development and coordination at LMDWG. Multi-language learning resources. Build your own education roadmap. Shared learning experiences 

  • Audience Experience Level


  • Language of Presentation


  • Additional Details & Speaker Agreements

  • Code of Conduct

  • Slide Deadline Agreement

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