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I. Welcome 
      Join Group

Introduction to the Learning Materials Working Group

        Antitrust Policy Antitrust Policy Notice

Introductions from people on the call:

II. EdX Update / Discussion:

  • GITHUB Updates .
  • Burrow Request

III. Wiki / Pages (Updates and Additions) 

Resources Page

 IV. Recruitment:  new member page

  1. Objectives: Suggestions on how to increase membership 

V. Best Practices and Standards -

Objectives: Suggestions on how Best practices can be applied to all groups and projects.

VI. Presentations 

  1. Hyperledger Meetups : Resources and Summer Project Ideas.  

VII. Old Business

VIII.   New Business

  1. LMDWG Quarterly report to the TSC due June 10  

 IX. Close          Next meeting June 17, 2019, 

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