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  • Project updates

Connection Info

The call takes place over Zoom here (this is the meeting invite that worked as of 2/13/2020

Reminder to the host: we plan to record this call.




Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

All activities should be conducted in accordance with the Antitrust Policy found here.



Working Group Reports and Release Plans

  • Main Identity WG
  • Hyperledger Indy
    • Code Management Updates
      • Migrate Jira to Github repos
      • Moving from Jenkins to GitHub actions
      • Revocation 2.0 (an overview was made in last Monday's Indy Contributor's call) 
    • Contributors Meeting
      • Specific case of troubleshooting an Indy network
      • Notes and recording
      • Evernym will step away to work on another use case
    • Indy Node
      • March: delayed until April to use the new Ursa.
      • April: New Ursa, including better hashing. Rich schemas objects. Bug fixes. Also a statically linked ZMQ tool.
      • Slowing release cadence to every-other month-ish.
    • Indy SDK
      • March: 1.14.4: Bug fixes and new features in LibVCX (Connection Redirect and Reject Proof)
      • Smaller releases because of focus on Aries Shared libraries.
    • Indy Catalyst
    • Indy Semantics WG
      • ODCA pilots underway
      • The agenda, video, notes, etc. from the HL Indy Semantics WG call: 
  • Hyperledger Aries
    • Aries Working Group meetings:
      • Meeting Agenda & Notes:  Aries Working Group
      • Richard hosting biweekly meetings - looking for someone to step in 4 weeks from now. Ideally, someone outside of North America. European participation welcomed, ideal for someone from Europe to lead the meetings. 
      • WG A:
        • Last meeting: Detailed work update.
        • Next meetings: Formal verification (April 8), IoT best practices (April 22)
        • Presentation on formal verification of protocols - particularly security protocols. The recording is available (Sven H.) DID Exchange Protocol in Aries and testing he's done in a formal verification tool. A necessary component to detect man in the middle situations with that protocol. If implementations not doing sufficient checking, they may not detect man in the middle. Using strong crypto; however, as we apply that crypto and connect - the opportunity for man in the middle. Slides/links in the morning A-call meeting minutes.
      • WG B: meeting notes 2020-02-12-B Aries Working Group Call (US afternoon) 
        • Mediator cloud agents
        • DIDExchange
        • B-call - closed a couple of issues. Mediator cloud agent demo - showing and talking through concept and demonstration of cloud agent as a position end point for a mobile agent, a disconnecting agent. Second demo on tracing inside Aries protocol - with the capability turn on tracing to track performance, spit out performance messages. Or, just for specifically protocol issues, spin records, and present in a tool. Using Elastic Search and Kibana to show data and how to query + visual presentation. Specific agent or across agents. Second round on Credential Exchange 2.0 - making more agnostic versus Indy specific. Pretty good in version 1, version 2 finishes - specific to Indy + agnostic for other credentials. 
      • Next WG A: Discussing Aries-Framework-Go. Notes and recordings
    • Aries Agents (Cloud Agent Python, Static Agent)
      • Aries Cloud Agent Python - ACA-Py User Group (ACA-Pug) Bi-weekly meetings
        • Release 0.4.5 is current; Release 0.5.0 is pending, including support for revocation (1.0 version), multi-protocol versions and tracing.
          • We're working with Streetcred and esatus for getting revocation working with mobile agents.

      • Static Agent Python - Release 0.7.1 - Patch to accept base64url encoded values with or without padding
      • Toolbox - Various improvements including Transaction Author Agreement support for Indy ledgers requiring it
    • Tools
      • Aries Protocol Test Suite
      • Aries Toolbox
    • Aries Shared Libraries (agent storage, vdr, utils)
    • Aries Language Frameworks and SDKs (Go, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, Python)
  • Hyperledger Ursa
    • 0.4.0 scheduled for late March
      • Hash to curve
      • Updates to AMCL wrapper
    • Presentations
    • No call - will push predicates, never put into Indy and made available to Aries. Will add full set or more predicates than > = . Working on Aries wallet and using the Ursa capabilities for that. 
  • Sovrin
    • Status of the network is good, even though the Sovrin Foundation is going through a transition.
    • First half of meeting update on Sovrin Foundation and reports from committees. Second half on the Covid Governance workstream committees. 
    • Sovrin transition - Riley on the transition team - See Riley draft presentation slides below >>
  • DIF DIDComm Working Group
  • W3C Standard
    • Verifiable Credentials Working Group
    • DID Working Group
      • DID Working Group Face-to-Face this week. Expect freeze to standard in May.
  • Other?

Open Discussion

Next Meeting Topics

Future Topics


Action items


Not official Sovrin communication - not private; however, they are drafts, they are not final. Discussion of options - Please get involved

Six major workstreams for transition. 

Ongoing servers with pipelines. People who help stewards run their nodes. Funding to continue those resources - cost base reduced dramatically. Previous $6-8k to functioning and no rent. 

Continuous integration pipelines turn off. PR slowed from 5 to 10 hours. 

Debt - employee travel

Looking for funding for 3 months. Then, the next 3 months. Six-month plan - fully transitioned foundation with a sustainable business model.

Focus on Sovrin 2.0. Future - over the immediate crisis. 

Business/Economic Model and Governance - ongoing models - three proposals.

Framework in NoN model - 3-6 month timeline. 

Lynn monitoring the network and ensuring stability. Lynn & Mike volunteer.

The governance framework needs to be developed under NoN.

Work that was done by paid staff will be picked up by the groups on the right. 

ie Steward Qualification Committee will need to vett Steward Approvals

Linux Foundation role

Governance at every layer of the stack

Options - conversation and consideration. Not final

Networks can have different governance rules. 

Different legal entities, etc.

Long term obligations - token (ie), going forward from an ecosystem perspective. 

Debt with legal, etc. 

Question - token, no token? 

Use case for a token - value transfer in conjunction with information exchange. A lot of use cases need - a key component to the ecosystem as a whole. Need better business models to motivate to share data - hard to sustain users at the wallet level. With obligations (previous work) important to untangle liabilities while preserving the benefits of the use case. A major goal of the workstream is how to fulfill and meet legal and advisory work on value transfer without incurring additional liabilities. Details to work out, a lot of thinking going in this group. Darrell and Phil considering this and longterm funding plan. Want to open token - challenge is to do so without outside funding. 

Work-in-Progress - Welcome all contributors, ideas, options. 

Sovrin Steward Council? Probably on hold - charter created - the ideas was to ensure strong community interaction - independent of the current governance bodies.

Pushing forward launching the steward council would help tremendously with network/node monitoring, support and bug fixing. If the group can marshal the volunteers I don’t think there is any reason to wait, it just needs to be added as board resolutions to the trustee meeting agenda (they are meeting more often now — every other week — to help with the transition.)

Charter may be under evaluation - or coincide with general interruptions - may be on hold.

Call Recording