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Daniel BluhmSovrin Foundationdaniel.bluhm@sovrin.or
Richard Esplinevernym
Samuel SmithProSapien

Sidharth Mishra

Steve Magennis

Adam Stallard

Andres "Dre" BonifacioSymPact / Bonifacio &
Kariyappa Singadi

Santanu MukherjeeMindtree


Possible Future Agenda Items:

Sybil Protection

Libra Project and ID - Kiva work 

Consensys identity stack - update from Consensys 1.0 - more integration, mapping of identity

Links Offered:

SeedQuest: |


Kiva demo in Sierra Leone -

Increasing group activity and progress: Work between bi-monthly meetings. Also started a collaboration with Identity Implementers, with the implementers call which goes into technical depth and detail. 

Daniel Bluhm - Sovrin. Hyperledger Indy Performance testing. GitLab CICD migration for the H Indy project. Meeting link is on the agenda for this meeting.

Vipin Bharathan - Interested in chaos testing. Indy scripts. Includes verifiable credentials. More information about this is on the Indy Implementers call and wiki.

Social Impact SIG - Primarily focus - serving as a platform for exchange ideas and ways to use DLT in the context of social good. The group is working on different ways to make more productive for all and cross collaborate with WGs and SIGs. A recent survey on group direction. Group has brought in speakers with social impact causes. Lately, the main portion of all conversations is Identity. SIG decided on liaison to Identity to not duplicate effort. The meeting includes presentation notes on what Kiva is working on with ID. 

ID2020- meeting next week in NYC. Open for attendance. Governments and other agencies as well as concrete projects they are sponsoring for financial inclusion in various parts of the world. 

CHAOSS - Addresses gender, diversity, geolocation in industry. Working on diversity metrics. DCI Working group in Hyperledger has taken on this task. Need concrete steps to increase. 

Identity Paper - Move from Google Docs to Confluence? What is the best way to maximize document contributions and quality? Live paper to incorporate updates but not a forever-draft. Identify sections that are 'complete' 'need work' 'need updates'. This paper strives to aggregate the collective wisdom around Identity and Blockchains, with a focus on the DLTs hosted by Hyperledger.

Aadhaar - controversial. The section needs additional attention. What are the advantages of a system like Aadhaar in a country like India, leapfrogging other systems. The paper does not support or refute, will inform on both perspectives. Consent layer - important to incorporate, which tries to moderate excesses of government overreach. Most extensive identity system in the world. 

Nathan George report from Tokyo - move to next agenda.

Vipin report on Libra and its Identity system - Questions relate to scale? How will the governance model work? - move to next agenda.

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