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Agenda & Meeting Notes

IntroNew participants

Introductions: Who's new to the group or call? Let's get to know each other and what we're working on in the 'blockchain for impact' world

Survey ResultsKaren & Caine

SIG Chair Election ProcessKaren 

If interested in SIG Chair please send by Tuesday August 13th 12pm EST your expression of interest to including: name, email, title, company, LinkedIn page, and 200 words on why you would like to be chair and what your commitment and vision for the SIG will be.

Karen will gather the expressions of interest and post them on our wiki for all SIG members to review along with instruction on how to submit votes. If you have any questions just contact Karen.

You can review SIG Chair responsibilities from our last meeting 2019-07-23 Meeting notes

Presentation: Blockchain @ Kiva.orgMatthew Davie, Chief Strategy Officer, Kiva
  • Kiva exists because the world isn't fair
  • 97% repayment rate,
  • system was set up, by accidental design, to not include everyone in the financial system
  • DLT allows us to fix 
  • Data exists in silos, if we could federate data behind individual, rather than among institutions, provide credit history to port up value chain
  • Kiva Protocol is very low cost protocol that enables systemic financial inclusion
  • Not about using Kiva
  • All the banks have MIS', Kiva helps run KYC checks
    • New global standard for eKYC, less info, less time, >>>unlock flow to financial inclusion, financial system will touch everyone, requiring less aid
  • Libra: why they signed up: libra is at nexus of regulated and nonregulated. Felt worthwhile to explore this effort due to Facebook's global reach, 
  • How fingerprint is used? Not used as identity
  • It's hard work, but there is no competition to build
  • will be open source yet but will be, not much customization on Fabric or Indy
  • Presentation: 
  • You can also check out Matt's presentation at last year's Hyperledger Global Forum 

Action items


Meeting Recording