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Should this call be every week or every other week

Roadmap coordination between projects

Open Discussion

Connection Info

The call takes place over Zoom here

Reminder to the host: we plan to record this call.


Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

All activities should be conducted in accordance with the Antitrust Policy found here.


Mike LodderSovrin

Drummond ReedEvernym & Sovrin
Ken EbertSovrin
axel simonRed Hat<firstname>
@ Santanu MukherjeeMindtree



Working Group Reports

What groups should report?


  • Hyperledger Ursa: adding generic wrappers and implementation for password hashing, encryption and other use cases
    • Trying to move crypto code to Ursa to make it reusable and facilitate interface boundaries between Indy and Aries
    • Building blocks for ZKLang being put in place to describe what proof traits you want in a system, implementation going into ZMix
    • Ursa call is every other week at 8 am Mountain.  See #ursa on Rocket.Chat, mailing list, and github.
  • Hyperledger Aries
    • RFC Standards work
      • Transition of a large number of indy-hipe docs into aries-rfcs repository.  Working on ratifying RFCs that already have active implementations
    • Cloud Agent Python - continuing work and PRs to support the protocol and demos that help get things up and running quickly
    • Tooling & Testing - New tool on an electron-based app for connecting to and interacting with agents in direct ways (for developers and admins).  The test suite coverage for proving compatibility in advance of the next IIW is very active.
    • #aries channel on
    • Weekly meetings with agendas and recordings.
  • Hyperledger Indy
    • Semantics WG - Rich Schemas work is active with work on defining the Resolver Interface in the Aries SDK and node code in Indy.  End-to-end context object is nearly ready, and looking for help to do the next four or five objects in parallel.
      • Work going on about OCDA and how to decorate and annotate data and describe all fields and interactions around those semantics.
    • Ledger News - indy-node 1.10 has come out with a "late July" bugfix release coming very soon.  Public access  mode with the auth_rules has some good fixes for being able to provide payments at write-time.  This allows 0-signature transaction configurations.
      • Tab completion in the CLI is improved
      • Dependency of libvcx in the cloud agent is ready for those who want to experiment
      • Migration to GitLab is underway, we expect demos next week.  Code will continue to reside in GitHub.  Community may contribute runners.
    • Payment Interfaces - proof of posession of payment addresses added.  Scripts for helping mint and test offline signing and wallet creation are starting  to show up.
  • Governance Frameworks and Trust Architecture
    • Four active task forces in the Sovrin group: Guardianship, Domain specific governance, SSI in IoT, Business models of SSI
      • Summaries are published on
      • See this Sovrin Foundation blog post for details about all four Task Forces—just click through to any of those Task Forces to join
  • W3C Standards updates
    • Verifiable Credentials has reached CR2 (a JWT fix was made). After 28 day review period, there will be a vote to move to a proposed recommendation followed by a vote to become an approved specification
    • The credentials community group (CCG) has been incubating the DID specification and it is now readying a charter to become a DID Working Group to produce a standards-track specification.  There is a weekly call on Thursday afternoons to move that spec forward (under the CCG).
  • External Updates
Meeting Logistics & Frequency

Every week or every other week? Every other week on the week without an Identity WG call (same week as Arch WG call).

Meeting next week? (Hyperledger Member Summit) Yes, there will be a call next week in order to keep the calls on the right weeks relative to the main Identity WG call.

New Meeting Coordinator (volunteers)? Reach out to nage (Nathan George ) on rocket chat

How does this call relate to the main Identity WG call?

  • higher level and conceptual work on Weds
  • lower level and technical detail on this call
Roadmap Coordination between projects
No time for this topic, moving to future meeting.


Looking for a new person to run the meeting. Nathan George can take do it for now, but is already leading other meetings.

Next Week

Someone other than Nathan George will have to run the meeting, as he is on holidays.

Action items


Call Recording