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To create a Social Impact blockchain project that matches donors and recipients by creating user interfaces,  available on smartphones,  to track and trace donations.  Donors will tag a photo of a donation to track while the donation is transported to the recipient. 
BUSINESS TRACK: Determine use case -  build relationships between donors, transporters and recipients - schedule  and manage project details. Maintain a social media presence. Negotiate Infrastructure / Blockchain business requirements. 

TECHNICAL TRACK:  Determine technology need to track and trace donation. Make blockchain decisions,  public private or hybrid, governance model, user interfaces, nodes. Collect data points, create code and spin up blockchain. 

Mentor:  Bobbi Muscara Jim Sullivan 

Timezone: EST

Rocketchat(Hyperledger): @Bobbijn

Mail :

Mentee: Hardik Gupta

Timezone: IST

Rocketchat(Hyperledger): s


Communication channel: HLWiki,  + Rocketchat  + LinkedIn + Github

Project repo:  TBD


  • Track and Trace Blockchain
  • Checkpoint 1
  • Checkpoint 2 
  • Checkpoint 3
  • Checkpoint 4
  • Checkpoint 5
  • Checkpoint 6
  • POC /MVP project test


  • Eval 1:
  • Assemble Team
  • Create welcome email
  • Create team survey
  • Manage survey results
  • Create Template for project
  • Maintain Project Wiki Pages

  • Eval 2:
  • Completed Checkpoint 1
  • Completed Checkpoint 2
  • Completed Checkpoint 3 

Eval 3:

  • Completed Checkpoint 4
  • Completed Checkpoint 5

Eval 4:

  • Completed Checkpoint 6
  • Project Day, Test, and Document Use Case.


Introduction to Project
Checkpoint 1
Checkpoint Two
Checkpoint Three
New Lane
New Lane

Set Meeting Times

Create Presentation

Hold First Meeting

Welcome Email

Team Formation

Mentor Meeting

Meetup Schedule

Tech Team

Business Team

Create Presentation

Create Presentations

Tech Team

Business Team




June 10 - June 25Hardik worked on assembling emails and social media campaigns to coordinate the team. He created a survey to best determine time zone that will work for everyone interested in participating. We decided to meet weekly during the LMDWG calls on Monday 1pm est.  At these sessions we will give an update on the project. We created a wiki page to hold resources created during project. We created wiki space for the weekly checkpoint and filled out out for each.  ermined the e completed he will report to the LMDWG  at the weekly meetings the status of the Mentorship project as well as deterinime times for team meetings based on results.   Done
June 25  - July 2

Create Git Hub Repository.   Decide on meeting times and schedule first team meeting.  Create template for powerpoint presentation.   Create Welcome presentation for team. Direct team to first weekly Checkpoint.  Create BLOG to post on Hyperledger website. Promote meeting.

July  3 - 9Checkpoint 1, discuss teams, technical and business.  Design next presentation, schedule meetup.  Start formulating Social Impact Project.
July9 - July 12Work on 2nd presentation. Answer checkpoint questions . Determine teams

Eval completed

July 13 - July 26See Agenda and Notes for Details
July 27 - August 9

August 10 - August 16

August 17 - August 23

Eval completed

August 24 - Sept 6

Sept 7 - Sept 20

Sept 21 - 27

Sept 28 - Oct 4

Eval completed

Oct 5 - Oct 18

Oct 19 - Nov 1

Nov 2 - Nov 8

Nov 9 - Nov 13

Eval completed



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