Project Title

Iroha 2 blockchain explorer update



Primary Focus



The Iroha 2 blockchain explorer is a web-based UI that inspects the entire state of an Iroha v2-based blockchain. In the scope of this internship, the mentee shall learn how to construct a frontend service to a blockchain, organise the UI and cater to unique challenges associated with the specific needs of specific blockchain ledgers such as Hyperledger Iroha v2.

Additional Information

Blockchain Explorer backend and frontend.

Learning Objectives

The mentee shall learn how to:

  • Build a web-based UI in Vue.
  • Connect said Web-based UI to a backend service.
  • Implement UTF-8-based encoding of public keys (optional).
  • Learn about UI/UX challenges associated with making things work cross-platform, cross-form-factor.

Expected Outcome

The state of the Iroha v2 blockchain explorer shall be improved.

Relation to Hyperledger 

The blockchain explorer is the most likely element of Iroha with which users of Hyperledger Iroha v2 shall interact.

Mentee Skills

  • Basic knowledge of Rust
  • Experience with any modern JavaScript / TypeScript framework

Desired, but not required skills:

  • Backend development experience.
  • Experience using Vue and Vite.

Future plans

Blockchain Explorer is a project necessary for Iroha 2, and it'll be supported as much as possible.


"Iroha 2: blockchain explorer update" mentorship page on the LFX platform.

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Dmitry Balashov:, @quacumque


  1. Have you considered unifying the effort with the Blockchain Explorer lab project?

  2. Hello,
    I'm interested in contributing to this project (Iroha 2: blockchain explorer update) on GitHub. Could you please provide me with some guidance on how I can get started?


    1. Hello.

      Please apply on this page until March 15th. To read more, please have a look here.


  3. Hello! Please am i eligible for this project if I'm from morocco ?

    1. Hello. I'm sorry, but the applications stopped on May 15th; please refer to the "Hyperledger Mentorship Program" page for more info. I am not sure there were geographic limitations set.

  4. Hello,
    Are the mentees for Hyperledger Mentorship Program 2023 announced for Iroha 2 blockchain explorer update project??

    1. Hello, Khushi! (smile)

      Sadly, not yet, but I believe we'll have official news very soon.