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Working Group Health

The Architecture WG has had decent participation with good diversity across projects and companies. Attendance on our work group calls has decreased somewhat, although informational sessions (like privacy & confidentiality in Besu) have been well attended . We continue to make slow and steady progress on the Privacy and Confidentiality work item and progress on Interoperability has been slow since key contributors have been unavailable.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

Technical writer resources would be very helpful. Specifically, we are ready to "humanize" the system identities and privacy & confidentiality documents (i.e. make them readable by non-technical people). We seek TSC's help to encourage broader participation from projects and participating companies. Work items that have interest and contributors from projects would help in more effective progress.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We have held regular meetings alternating between two tracks, with the main track on every other Wednesday focused on the interoperability work item and reviews of the system identities paper, and a second track on alternate Fridays focused on the privacy and confidentiality.

The System Identities paper is near complete and pending on availability of technical writer for a finalization. On the Interoperability we are making slow progress on second use-case (atomic swap between ledgers).

Content for the privacy and confidentiality paper is essentially complete. To accommodate different levels of detail on the different Hyperledger projects, we have decided to split the general overview from the sections of the paper that describe each of the Hyperledger platforms and technologies. This should make it possible to complete and publish the overview content and still allow continuous update on the platforms. Specifically, we have updated platform overview sections for Fabric, Iroha, and Besu. Privacy & Confidentiality meeting has hosted presentations focused on the privacy/confidentiality support provided by Besu, Avalon and Fabric Private Chaincode.

Planned Work Products

System Identities Paper (draft)

Privacy & Confidentiality Paper (draft)

Interoperability Paper (draft)

Participant Diversity

Institutional/project diversity is good. Gender diversity is weak.

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  1. On the Interoperability we are making slow progress on second use-case (atomic swap between ledgers).” We have recently approved a Hyperledger Lab — Blockchain Integration Framework — that deals with interoperability. Not sure if that helps this effort any, but wanted to let folks know. There is a PR that is being reviewed that will bring the source base in.