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Working Group Health

Overall, it's good.

In this quarter, TWGC keeps focusing on 4 areas: Development & Innovation, i18n & Education, Collaboration & Scenarios, Event Organizations. Most of them went well and we kept seeing new volunteers. 


  • WG has been experimenting Transifex for i18n. We encountered two major issues and they were raised to Fabric maintainers.
    • Product is currently hosted in personal repo via readthedocs. WG has reached out to Fabric maintainers and Hyperledger lab gardener to discuss how to formalize the process. It was suggested to leverage Github pipeline, once Fabric has made the move.
    • Even though Fabric docs currently live with code, they are not strictly versioned. This introduces certain overhead to keep up with the change

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • TWGC regularly held bi-weekly meetings, with 40+ attendees on average, which doubles the number of last quarter
  • A new Fabric-centric project, Justitia, was proposed to the community. TWGC was mentoring the author about process. The project is now in collaboration with Cello and interop WG
  • TWGC organized 5 meetups covering Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and one online session
  • To encourage community contribution and involvement, TWGC has been publishing quarterly contribution list, including both code and translation. Top contributors will be awarded with the help from LF

Planned Work Products

Document translation, volunteer engagement, meetup events

Participant Diversity

WG participants are geographically distributed across all major cities in China, and affiliated with many different companies, ranging from tech giant and startups.

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