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Working Group Health

The working group health has been good. Regular attendance has increased. This is due to efforts to run multiple calls on the same day and constant evangelizing. "Convergence" is a natural for this group as all running DLTs need multiple notions of Identity. We are constantly refining our raison d'etre. We are a launchpad and mothership of Identity related projects in Hyperledger.  The whitepaper has a lot more contributions.


The issue of gender diversity continues to dog us. 

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Regular meetings are being held. Some examples of presentations given in the last quarter include:

Copy editing of the current content in the Identity Working group paper is almost complete. Many thanks to Kelly Cooper for the exemplary diligence and persistence with this work. 

We have become a standing or permanent conference on Identity; going all year around; the material we produce can be consumed asynchronously by people interested in digital Identity on DLTs. This is a mix of demos, works in progress, techniques, tips, commentary on regulatory activity etc.   

Planned Work Product

Slow and steady progress on the Identity whitepaper which we hope to bring to a first draft by the end of the year. We still have a few sections to fill in, mostly on DID and the latest from the FATF. A comprehensive reference section will be included. 

We have a proposal to bring back further cross project work for all the Identity work being done inside Hyperledger, taking over part of the Indy WG calls. We may adopt this as a standing extension to our regular call or setup a different time for the coordination call. This will be an implementation specific extension of the Identity WG call and will happen every two weeks on Thursday, folding the Indy WG call into the Identity WG Implementators call.  In the beginning this will be Aries, Ursa and Indy. If you're writing identity code for a Hyperledger project, or anything that intends to be interoperable with a Hyperledger project, please join the first Identity Implementers call next Thursday (July 25) at 9 AM mountain time. 

We will be fine tuning the timing (as we all struggle with a 24 hour clock for global inclusion). 

Annotation of the notes and the presentations to make them more friendly to discovery and research.

Continue presentations and discussions. One of the themes is convergence of Identity Standards and solutions. 

We are a standing conference on Identity in Hyperledger.

Implement CHAOSS metrics. 

Participant Diversity

Geographic - very good, APAC is still a challenge

Industry - Good mix, tech companies along with identity related companies and independents

Gender - This is a challenge.

Additional Information

We look forward to the working group task force report, to implement some of their recommendations.

Other Working Groups and Special Interest Groups Participation - we try to bring the work in Identity WG to these groups through cross presentations and emails.  We have our first official two-way liaison with the SISIG through Andres Bonifacio.

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  1. I did see there's increasing interests on the identity topic, especially in APAC.

    It is probably a good idea to have some online seminar with topics such as DiD.

    1. There are several online resources available. We will link into some of them from the Identity WG wiki page. We can also have "a state of the art" refresher presentation that we record on DIDs and SSI in general.