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Working Group

Performance and Scale Working Group (PSWG)

Working Group Health

Looking at how to re-energize this WG.

We did have the "fast Fabric" folks talk with us on one call and that seemed to generate a lot of buzz on the WG, so I think we can use that to help set some future direction.

The group is down to three regular participants. We have had some of the regular PSWG contributors leave or greatly diminish their participation. ( job changes, sabbaticals, additional Hyperledger commitments, etc ). We have also done some "soul searching" to try and find our true identity. Had sent an email to the mailing list about possibly changing the meeting times but only got one response.  Tracking the effectiveness of Vipins dual meetings to see if we should adopt it.

The group has tried to "move up the stack" and define metrics that pertain to general use cases (verticals).  We started to focus on supply chain and looked to define basic performance and scalability measurements for that area. However we got sidetracked with an exploration of working with STAC and shifted focus to some financial areas (my fault on leading us down there). That partnership and work never came to fruition. Now we are back to looking at Provenance and defining some terms and workloads for that area. I will be reaching out to project Grid and the new Supply Chain SIG to see what expertise they can add.

We have had some really good, deep discussions on what we think we should be doing. We see the need to not just define metrics, as we did for our first effort. There is a clear need for benchmarks to get defined and then find places to get them implemented.  STAC has gone silent and SPEC and TPC are not looking in this direction yet.  We will begin to explore working with the Caliper team in the near future.  I think it still desirable to try and leverage other organizations as I don't think that Hyperledger wants to go down the role of maintaining benchmarks, but I think that may be a good discussion for the TSC. ( any decision worth making once is worth making again and again ( my main takeaway from my time at HP ))


We have been unable to maintain any momentum that we had. Attendance has dropped considerably. Looking for guidance from TSC on desired direction, so a good, general purpose discussion via email or on a TSC call would be a good thing.

We need to start working with other working groups, SIGs, and projects to help draw out their thoughts, expertise, etc.

The move to Confluence has not gone smoothly. No time to go learn it.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We held fairly regular meetings. The goal is to meet every week but some needed to get cancelled this spring.

The mail list and rocketchat have never been very popular with this WG.

Planned Work Products


Participant Diversity

Not a valid statistical sample as of late.

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