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Working Group Health

We have been making progress on the paper with contributions from new members. Since participation in the Identity WG had dropped off slightly; we created a new format for the calls with two meetings being held on the same day with the same Agenda. The times are different to encourage geographic diversity. We are getting more participants from APAC on that call.  


We have had some issues with rogue edits on the paper; since just having the link is enough to edit the paper. Have been able to do limited recovery and have moved the paper to comment only mode temporarily. 

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We have had good participation and presentation on a variety of Identity related topics. Made the Identity WG presentation to India Community group to increase participation as well as presentations on many topics including:

a. CULedger

b. The Hyperledger "Aries" proposal for edge protocols

c. The Sovrin/Indy Identity stack

d. DiF Universal Resolver

Planned Work Products

We will continue to work on the paper especially fleshing out the SSI part. Some important presentations including work on India Stack Consent layer as we continue to engage across the board in Hyperledger Identity related implementations. 

Participant Diversity

The working group is healthy with good participation from across the globe, especially with the new format. Gender diversity continues to be a problem.

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