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The Architecture WG has had a healthy participation with good diversity across projects and companies. We continue to make slow and steady progress on three work items on System Identities, Privacy and Confidentiality and Interoperability.


There are no issues at this time. We seek TSC's help to encourage broader participation from projects and participating companies.

Specifically on the system identities paper and privacy and confidentiality paper. We are finalizing the description of each platform’s support for privacy & confidentiality. If you would like to provide text and/or feedback on the description, please review the document and add your comments. We would also like to invite more input and participation on the interoperability work.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We have held regular meetings alternating between two tracks, with the main track on every other Wednesday focused on the interoperability work item and reviews of the system identities paper, and a second track on alternate Fridays focused on the privacy and confidentiality. We also just completed a F2F working meeting in the bay area hosted by Fujitsu. As suggested by LF folks, we have transitioned from using Google Docs to the confluence wiki for meeting notes.

The System Identities paper is near complete and pending on inputs from the projects. On the Interoperability work – we are making good progress on the defining the common constructs and primitives and mapping them to our first use-case: asset transfer between two ledgers. On the Privacy and Confidentiality track we are making good progress on the paper and are getting inputs from the projects on their privacy and confidentiality capability.

Planned Work Products

System identities paper [draft] and privacy and confidentiality paper [draft].

Participant Diversity

We have a reasonably diverse participation. Would welcome input and help improving diversity.

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