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Overall, it's good.

In this quarter, TWGC keeps focusing on 4 areas: Development & Innovation, i18n & Education, Collaboration & Scenarios, Event Organizations. Most of them went well and we kept seeing new volunteers. 


  • Due to Spring Festival, the long public holiday, TWGC had less activities from end of Jan to first week of Feb. Now it comes back to normal.
  • It is reported that language and time zone are two major barriers for China developers to contribute and attend global community meetings and activities. Hope can mitigate the problem by more interactions (HK Bootcamp might be a good start) with other countries.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Last update report was on Oct 25, this report data covers Oct 26 to now.

TWGC held regularly bi-weekly meeting, one session cancelled during Spring Festival, about 20+ participants attended. TWGC encouraged people to attend bootcamp HK with Linux Foundation in APAC. 

Wiki merged to confluence, and content has been updated by TWGC volunteers. 

More volunteers joined the translation project, and translation of fabric 1.4 has started (10+ chapters done).  The process goes very well as previous work can be reused. 

Fabric is still the most popular project among others, and TWGC does see more people interested in Indy, and some of them have decided to attend Indy session in bootcamp HK.

TWGC held 6 meetups in 6 different cities in this quarter. 

Planned Work Products

Document translation, volunteer engagement, meetup events, TWGC planned to host different styles of meetup, like small size with more specific topics. 

Participant Diversity

Over all, the diversity is good in geography. We have members from cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hongkong.

It would be nice if we can have more female volunteers.

Additional Information

Numbers of TWGC members (including 3 co-chairs) will go to attend the HK bootcamp, expecting more conversations there.

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