This is is where Projects can sign up to present and recruit for their Team. The SIG sign up is here.

Please remember there are several groups that are interested so Only sign up for one slot at first.  As we get closer to the event and still have spaces then the CA team will open it to more than one slot!

We are also working on getting each of these groups to record a 2-5 minute YouTube video with our Video Team.  Please sign up for video slots here!

Remember to arrive at least 15 min before your slot begins!

We will close this Page on Feb 28th so that signs can be printed for the event.

Thank you!

The Community Architects Team

There are 10 min slots w 5 mins to change slides etc.

DayTimeKioskTitle for Printed SignPoint of Contact/ emailSpecial needs?
1Mar 310:30
Avalon - Extend Computational Trust beyond BlockchainEugene Yarmosh
2Mar 310:45
Hyperledger Fabric and TokenizationJonathan Levi (HACERA)
3Mar 312:30
Hyperledger Cello: Blockchain Consortium Governing with Cello
4Mar 33:30
Hyperledger Besu: a Foundation for Mainnet and Enterprise EthereumGrace Hartley
5Mar 33:45
Hyperledger Aries: Tools for Trusted InteractionsRichard Esplin
6Mar 410:30
Hyperledger Iroha: a straightforward distributed ledger technology
7Mar 410:45
Hyperledger Ursa: Don't Roll Your Own Crypto
8Mar 43:30
Hyperledger Indy: An Identity Focused Ledger
9Mar 43:45
Hyperledger Sawtooth: Modular & Flexible Architecture

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  1. Hello! Silona Bonewald are there any updates on this or maybe some time frames? 

      1. That's great! Thank you! 

  2. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it seems I am unable to attend the forum at the moment, so maybe Baohua Yangwill do the presentations (he is US-based) or the presentations might need to get canceled for fabric-sdk-py & cello.