We will be recording on Thursday and Friday!

Please note these are 2-5 minute intro videos.

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Day TimeTopicSlidesScriptPersonHave they been on-boarded by Silona or Marta?Do they have a ticket?

Building education architecture for learners of all ages (Education SIG)

Feng Hou

Iroha: A straightforward distributed ledger technology

HYPERLEDGER Learning Materials Working Group
XBobbi MuscarayesYes ( first thing Thur. morning slot please)

Ursa Intro: Signing, Encryption, and Proofs, Oh My!



Indy Intro: What makes the Indy ledger special


The Capital Markets Special Interest Group

Vipin BharathanyesYes Since I have three slots- need to space them out.

The Identity Working Group

Vipin Bharathanyes

Aries Intro: Architecting Identity Solutions with Aries


HL Healthcare SIG - Sawtooth and Fabric POCXXyesYes ( Thu  slot please)

Performance and Scale WGdoneishdone@Mark WagneryesYes (unavailable Thurs 11.30 - 3.00)

Supply Chain SIG - how to get involved

Telecom SIG

Mathews Thomas
Yes (Thu morn slot please)

Public Sector SIG

Jim Mason

The Trust Over IP stack
linkyesYes—all day Thursday or Friday until lunch (I have a BOF during lunch Friday and then must leave for the airport)

Burrow Intro: When Squirrels Collide
WIPSilas DavisyesYes

Climate Action & Accounting SIGX

Social Impact SIG

Nancy Min

Hyperledger Sawtooth: Soaring towards 2.0

YesYes (Thursday morning preferred)

Hyperledger India Chapter

YesYes (Friday)

Hyperledger BesuXXYesYes

How we use Hyperledger Fabric in Production

Not Yet


Hyperledger Caliper
Yes (Anytime Thursday, or Friday morning)

HereDan Middleton
yes (Thurs A.M. Will not be their Fri)
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