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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct


  • Community Questionnaire (Tracy Kuhrt)
      • (PREVIOUS ACTION): All to provide feedback on two sets of survey questions by 14 August
  • TSC nominations coming (running a bit behind schedule)
    • All on WG to directly encourage people to nominate or nominate them
  • Blog Post (Swetha Repakula) Draft
    • Please continue to edit/comment.


  • Chair election (Targeting <=3 months after inception)
  • A measurement plan to baseline the community.
  • Gender diversity and inclusion recommendations to the TSC.
  • Gender diversity and inclusion recommendations to Hyperledger Staff.
  • CHAOSS intro/update ? ( Ry Jones  ? ) 
  • Initiative Brainstorming (Dan Middleton / All)
    • Besides the community questionnaire, what more do we need for baselining the community?
    • How will we generate gender diversity and inclusion recommendations?
    • What other areas are people passionate about and can suggest actions for?
      • Are there technical recommendations? (Make first commits easier? Convert a one time contributor to a two time contributor? ...?)
      • Outreach to member companies and other companies "staffing" hyperledger projects?




    Set milestone dates:

    • Survey revisions 80% complete by 8/28 (next week).
    • Request TSC feedback 8/29.
    • TSC to ratify by 9/12.
    • WG Finalize Survey & Blog by meeting 9/18.
    • Launch survey and blog 23rd.


    • Start with DCI focused question list from Tracy. Fold in ~5 questions from developer survey.
    • Tooling: Alissa takes ownership. 
    • Admission: Open. How do we gate or not gate access? Options for integration with Confluence to require LFID but that implies privacy concerns.


    New deliverable:

    • Request to create collateral for outreach.
    • Should we create unique DCI materials or incorporate DCI messaging into existing outreach channels?
    • Existing Meetup materials: Presentations for Meetups
  2. Since I missed the meeting, I'll leave my 2 cents here.  In terms of gating a survey or not, I would encourage us to make it easy for anyone to respond and not require something like an LFID.  I think there is an element of self-selection here – if someone takes the time to complete the survey then that suggests that they self-identify in some way with the Hyperledger community.