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 In Hyperledger we want to make sure to bring Academia and the Enterprise worlds together. We also would like to serve as a platform for research on cutting edge technologies. We would be honored if you, the brightest minds in the world, decide to choose Hyperledger as your topic. To this end we are developing a a program that enables academics to study and research our frameworks. We want to ensure that there are no roadblocks and academics feel empowered and connected to our ecosystem. We are creating a clear set of opportunities for academia to collaborate with hyperledger. This is an open list, please add and propose more. 

  1. Research on Hyperledger frameworks and tools and contributing it back to Hyperledger - if you have any reports or other documents we could publish, that is splendid. We will publish it in our research library.

  2. Active participation in Working Groups, especially the Learning Materials WG. Active means that you/members of your organization actually contribute to the development of the Work products of a given group (code, white papers etc) and are recognized by that community as a participant. All Working groups are open to public and meetings happen over the phone. If they are not friendly towards your time zone, please use the mailing list. Don't be shy.

  3. Developing course that contains teaching about Hyperledger in it, and having students do assignments around Hyperledger (coding, bug fixes or evaluation of architecture, papers on market analysis…anything that would help the community move forward and find next things to work on).

  4. Help with translation of the documents.

  5. Help in writing the documentation.

  6. Writing papers/articles on any of the aspects of Hyperledger: either technical or architecture or business/market research.

  7. Help develop demos, explanation videos etc.

  8. Create exchange programs between our Associate Universities.

  9. Running events (meetups, hackathons, workshops, bootcamps, etc) - this is not sufficient as a sole associate membership goal.

  10. Contributing code (to Hyperledger Labs, to projects, builds apps, etc)

If you don't know how to submit your work, please email and we will help you. 

Once you are active, and we see your participation, if you would like to apply as an associate member of Hyperledger please fill out this google form. If you don't have access to google forms, email marta@linuxfoundation.orgNote: Hyperledger will welcome only applicants already involved with the community. 

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