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This space will be used to aggregate, categorize, and discuss various use cases around applying DLT and Blockchain to Capital Markets, with specific focus on how various Hyperledger Projects.

We attempt to define "good" use cases here as the ones that are most appropriate for the technology and bringing the most benefits by using DLT over the existing infrastructure, systems, and processes.

Draft of categories (to be converted into a mind map graph):

  • Capital Markets -Question - Would it make sense to distinguish first between Primary and Secondary Market? If so, Bond Origination/Issuance should be the category under Primary markets and the rest under Secondary Market
    • Exchange traded products
      • Trading - rarely applicable
      • Post-trade
        • Fungible products - well suited for DLT in clearing, settlement, and other post-trade activities (GiveUps, allocations, mark-to-market, fees, etc)
        • Non-fungible products - well suited for DLT in post trade activities like GiveUp, allocation, mark-to-market, fees, etc
      • Risk management
        • Margin calculations - typically, too heavy to be done of the ledger itself, but margin management may be a good fit
        • Other?
    • Over-the-counter (OTC) products
      • Deal negotiation - there is a manual process in many markets in this area
      • Settlement
    • Bond origination/issuance - use of DLT (smart contracts) for syndication process and settlement (commercial paper, bonds) 
  •  Regulation
    • Reporting
    • Oversight - ability to have a holistic view of a market or specific firm
  • Data and analytics

Use Cases Mind map

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