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The taxonomy will be linked to the other projects

The word taxonomy is used to describe the process of classification of entities or concepts including a rationale for such classification. There can be multiple taxonomies of a field based on the criteria used for classification. 

We are also looking into Ontology based approaches which can support much richer relationships between concepts. The work of FIBO is important in this context.

Based on types of securities

    • Bonds
    • Equities
    • Repos
    • Derivatives

Add mini bonds, green bonds.

Based on securities life cycle:

Securitization-Issuance-Pretrade-Trading-Settlement-Hedging-secondary Trading-Market making-Risk Calculations-Custody-Corporate Actions-Expiry/Maturity/Bankruptcy

A diagram from Oliver Wyman's  Blockchain in Capital Markets shows an idealized view of Capital Markets

Token taxonomy