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Please propose new topics or projects relevant to the CMSIG here. Interested Parties may put their names in here. Please contact the proposer of the SIG chair or the POC to get more involved.

This is also where the proposal gets tracked. Including its resource page. The work products of the projects could be a paper, a survey, working code, a list of references, a demo, etc. etc. All reachable from the reference page.

Status could include New, WIP, Draft, Release x.x , Inactive, Complete (please suggest lifecycle).

Topic #StatusDescriptionProposerInterested PartiesResource Page

Taxonomy: Develop a taxonomy for Capital Markets with DLT involvement

Securitization-Issuance-Pretrade-Trading-Settlement-Hedging-secondary Trading- Market making- Risk Calculations-Custody-Corporate Actions

Types of securities Starting with Bonds and Equities

Vipin BharathanTaxonomy

Data Standards: Look at data standards in the CM space: some examples 

FIX, FpML, ISDA CDM, ISO 20022- Map to taxonomy to see where it applies- relationship to regulation

@Mani Pillai
3NewUse Cases: What are "good" use cases for DLTs in CM, what works, what does not workStanislav LibermanUse Cases

Obstacles: What are the main obstacles to adoption in CM? Explore 3-4 with perspective from CEOs, founders, etc.. Or, what are the main obstacles in CM that Hyperledger may be a solution for.

Kirthi K

Kelly Mathieson

Natalia Garcia

5NewRegulation: What regulations affect Capital Markets? FRTB, Vipin BharathanRegulation
6WIPTokenization and Digital CurrencyVipin BharathanTokenization/Digital Currrency
7NewData (market & reference data)- oracles
Wei Cheong NeoOracles
8WIPResponse to Digital Dollar Project

DDP Response
9NewChinese focus and possibility for global interoperationEugenio ReggianiniBSN-DCEP
10NewInsurance Kirthi KInsurance
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  1. Topic #3 I am interested in developing standardised operating models for asset digitisation both tokenised and non tokenised.

  2. Kirthi, Please create a resource page for Use Cases and start with the use cases you describe under asset digitization. Maybe Stanislav Liberman or Kelly Mathieson have ideas around this.

    1. Hi Vipin,
      Thanks for the support, I am on it. I am new to this way of working and collaboration. I am a fast learner, will catch up soon. Also I am dyslexic; please excuse if I make mistakes.

      Kirthi K

      1. Hi Kirthi,

        The main idea is to contribute your knowledge and research. Please do not hesitate. Copy editing can be done if you feel mistakes are being made. 



  3. Hi, I am interested in Topics #1 (bonds), #3 and #4. 

    1. For project number 1.

      Check out CMSIG-Projects-Taxonomy where I have tried to draw a mind map of the security types using gliffy

      Possible annotations/changes include:

      1. More types
      2. Connections between different types
      3. Pop ups that give (a. brief description, b.standards c.existing DLT solutions (POCs)) all of them can include links to further information

      Please give suggestions comments etc.

  4. Hi all - 

    Vipin I've added my name to two workstreams. Shall we chat about how to move that forward?

    Anyone else interested?


    1. Thanks Ron

      We should chat about moving this forward!

      Any ideas or questions you have can be input on the project pages:

      That would be Tokenization/Digital Currrency

      & Regulation


  5. hi all, I'm interested in oracle topics for capital markets. currently I'm working on capital market solutions based on fabric. thanks 

  6. Welcome Wei Cheong Neo .

    Ron Quaranta happy to liaise with you on the projects. Let me know when is a good time for a catch up.

    1. Wei / Kirthi - thanks for your notes. Please let me know if you have time this week for a chat. Feel free also to email me direct to (not .com)

      1. Hi Ron and Kirthi, thank you for replies. I have send you an email to catch up. thks

  7. Hi Kirthi and Ron,

    Yes I'll be happy to discuss. my colleague will be joining too. may i know if next monday is a good time say 8:30 pm NYC time or any suggestions ? btw we are in GMT+8 timezone.

    Thank you.