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Survey of use cases in ITAU - done

Find a sample token - in progress

Get feedback on CMSIG presentation for HGF - done

Discussion items

5 mAnti-Trust/Code of Conduct/IntrosVipin Bharathan
10 mUse casesJunji KattoJunji will present some use cases
20 mDiscuss the TTF to Besu ProposalSlides
10 mReport on HGF slidesVipin BharathanSlides
15 mProjectsCMSIG-Projects

Call on





After Anti-Trust and Code of conduct

Junji Katto led us through the TTF concepts and showed us some artifacts (JSON is the token definition, containing basic properties, other attributes, behavior groups etc.)

The idea that artifacts in JSON can be used to generate other resources was presented

He also exposed some use cases that are under discussion:

  • eMoney
  • Shared eKYC/AML model using tokens
  • Built in compliance at the token level
  • Hybrid model using MBS as Fungible Token on top of  NFT
  • Employee Incentives (as different from stock options) as NFT

mani pillai  said that we should not look at derivatives, however start with a simple token and implement- maybe a bond. May need something more complex than ERC 20. Maybe ERC 1165?

Both Junji and Mani mentioned the TTF workshop scheduled for NYC on Feb 14.

Vipin Bharathan suggested CBDC as a sample token, seems to have broad agreement from the community, we will refine the sample that we will work on.

Jim Mason said that MBS is a bad example of a hybrid token, as the risk on the collective asset like a pool is what is traded, not the NFT which is real property itself.

Natalia Garcia opined that eKYC use case attracts her team. shared KYC has several opponents, risk in sharing assets, but idea comes back because of inefficiencies in paper heavy process.

SSI stands the models on their head, since the share of eKYC is through the medium of the user or the customer enterprise.

Si Chen  brought on the discussion of smaller players, sharing analytics and other processes helping smaller enterprises surface their credit risk.

Also talked about provenance ( and how it will be relevant to our group, Sanjay brought up the ABS project that they worked on.

We went through general presentation slide deck and asked about gaps and changes- people felt that we have to do a better selling job to get more people involved in our groups. Talk about the concrete job that we are doing in the Token Workshop.

Token modeling project: volunteers

Kelly Cotton - business/tech/writer

Mani Pillai - business/code

Junji Katto - use case

Vipin Bharathan - business/code

Sanjay Kumar Nishank - business

Ravikant Agrawal - business

Peter Somogyvari- more at the coding phase

Action items