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  • February 11, 2020 at 8 AM Pacific

Dial-In Information:

You can join either from your computer or from your phone:


(28 people in the zoom link)

  • Christiaan Pauw, Nova Institute
  • Alex Howard, Nova Institute
  • Kamlesh Nagware, Snapper Future Tech
  • Vipin Bharathan,, Chair of IDWG and of the Capital markets SIG-Also lab steward and tech ambassador

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

Discussion topics

  • Welcome everyone from the SIG chairs
  • Hyperledger introduction (David)

  • Walkthrough SIG resources (Martin)

  • General SIG mission and community meetings (Tom)

    • Recurring bi-weekly Tuesday meetings?
  • SIG member introductions (All)

    • Identifying related initiatives/resources (blockchain, digital, finance, governance, sectoral …)

  • Early actions for the SIG members (e.g. Aartum into CA2SIG)

  • Wrap-up and next steps

  • Take part in Hyperledger's summer mentorship program – submit a project proposal before end of February

Notes and Action Items (minutes):

Call summary—

  • Kickoff to the SIG (29 people in the zoom call attending) !
  • General introduction to the SIG and the proposed mission and scope by the Co-Chairs and introduction to Hyperledger by David Boswell
    • Chairs proposed to hold a bi-weekly meeting for the SIG at the timezone proposed (8am Pacific Standard Time)
  • Opened the space for member introductions (at the half mark of 30 min). 
  • Members shared their work and background, which exhibits a good array of diversity, from large corporations, to startups, academia and non-profits
  • No objections were made to the bi-weekly meetings and timeslots. So Co-Chairs will create a recurring calendar for these meeting. 
  • Two comments were made by members around the role of standards in order to prevent overlapping efforts around DLT (distributed ledger technologies) for Climate without interoperability
    • This can spark a specific working group within the SIG
  • Missing topics that were not discussed

Action items—

  • Everyone is encouraged to add their profile in the member directory, and start loading useful resources around climate and DLTs. 
  • Everyone is encourage to start conversation in the Climate SIG chat and share the email list to other networks that might be interested in joining.
  • Co-chairs will create timeslot for recurring meetings (will send calendar invites soon)
  • The mention for standards can be followed-up by a suggestion from Linux Foundation on best practices, strategy and governance around the development for these. 
    • Co-chairs will follow up this discussion with LF and invites suggestions from members
  • Other proposed topics for future meetings
    • Existing Hyperledger frameworks suitable for the climate accounting space, and share of ongoing projects using HL for climate
    • The carbon and energy footprint of DLTs and blockchain, both to have transparency on environmental impact of the technology and dispel myths when needed
  • The agenda for the next meeting on February 25 is posted and open to the community


Here is the recording for the kickoff meeting:


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