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  1. Follow-up from last meeting: Reach out to Martin Wainstein again to find out how they are doing with their "translation".
  2. Where do the requirements to fulfil a certain role fit into the ontology? Perhaps somehow related to the "Procedure" class?
  3. Incorporate the following aspects about roles into our ontology: they are context-specific; they are sometimes mutually exclusive; a role restricts the set of activities that an agent can perform in the context within which they enact the role; some roles require the enacting agent to have met certain requirements to be allowed to enact the role in that context.

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Meeting Notes

  1. Where do processes fit into the ontology?
  2. Where do controls fit into the ontology?
  3. Competence = training + qualification + experience.
  4. How do the ISO definitions of "Process" and "Control" relate to our classes of "Activity" and "Procedure"?
  5. Familiarise ourselves with ISO 9000's definitions.
  6. Familiarise ourselves with IDEF0:

Repo for protobufs:

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