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The biweekly Standards WG workshop will carry out the work plan as set out in this document.

This involves four phases:
A. Conceptualisation of a DLT-enabled standardisation architecture to streamline Climate Action & Accounting.
B. Implementing the result of phase A in three different paradigms: as a relational database, as a Radix-Merkle tree (as is used by Hyperledger Sawtooth), and as a token-and-smart-contract network (possibly DAML).
C. Testing applicability to real-life use cases.
D. Reviewing the results from phase C and revisiting phases A-C as necessary.

Anyone is welcome to join, but we are specifically looking for individuals interested in the fundamentals of climate accounting and climate-related MRV, or individuals who seek to develop or contribute skills in DLT networks and/or relational database design within the context of climate action and accounting.

Join the bi-monthly CA2SIG Standards WG call held the first and third Tuesday each month at 8 AM US Pacific time (UTC-07:00 America/Los Angeles.) Please check the calendar for the next call. 

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