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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming

community for all. For more information

please visit the Hyperledger Code of Conduct.


Dial-In Information:  [ZOOM]

You can join either from your computer or from your phone:

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  1. Unfortunately I didn't get a recording of today's call.

    Here are some relevant links:

    Elisabeth Greenwould you please repost your questions from the chat here?

      The relationship you are describing is witness-interrogator rather than parent-child.
      To make decisions when locals dispute the facts, use the Accord process with the formal consensus decisionmaking process.
      When local desires conflict, allow engineers to make the decisions.
      How can we cooperate to share the prize among all participants according to the volume of their contribution?
      Actually, I mean cooperate by asking all potential competitors to join Hyperledger and require IBM to allow Hyperledger to enter as is.
      This way, everyone who works for IBM gets paid for the work.
      You will be working for IBM.
      Requires the use of Watson and kubernetes. Does the initial $200 cover the fees that go to DigitalOcean, etc?

      1. Elisabeth GreenThanks for posting these.

        Ranked votes on generally seems like a good idea for elections where several candidates compete for one spot.  The DAO is for certifying yes/no on proposals, and many proposals could be voted yes.

        What do you mean by "Accord process with the formal consensus decisionmaking process"?

        When local desires conflict, allow engineers to make the decisions. → This opens the question of who will monitor the "engineers"?