On a monthly basis, we scan the project source code to ensure that it conforms to the license requirements specified in the Hyperledger Charter. This how-to article will provide the information necessary to conduct this process.


  1. You have access to the scripts located at: https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/hyperledger-community-management-tools/tree/master/create_tarballs
  2. You can run a bash shell script

Step-by-step guide

  1. Verify that the repositories.sh file contains the latest list of repositories for each of the projects. If not, modify to reflect the latest list of repositories
  2. For each project, run ./create_tarballs.sh --<project-name>

    for i in burrow caliper cello composer explorer fabric grid indy iroha quilt sawtooth ursa; do
    ./create_tarballs.sh --$i
  3. Copy the *.tar.gz files located in /tmp/<date>/tarballs to a subdirectory named <yyyy-mm-dd>/tarballs under the Google Drive folder to share with Steve Winslow.
  4. Copy the results provided by Steve to a subdirectory named <yyyy-mm-dd>/results (where <yyyy-mm-dd> matches that used in step #4) under the Google Drive folder.
  5. Create a bug for each project that has license scan issues and copy the results to that bug.

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